Roof terrace with a shed on top, is it safe? Please help

Postby eagles » Mon Mar 03, 2008 2:18 pm

I am wondering whether it would be safe for me to erect a 6 x 3ft shed onto my 13 x 8ft roof terrace to hold fabric/threads/tools etc.

Under my roof terrace is my downstairs neighbours bedroom. The property is a converted Victorian terrace and judging by my next door neighbours place (which hasnt been converted), my now flat roof terrace would have once been a gradual sloped roof, and possibly my downstairs neighbours bedroom would have been the original kitchen.. As I am not a builder I am wondering whether there would be rsj's under my terrace?

Also would anyone know which would be the best / lightest weight shed for me to buy in a 6 x 3ft size.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
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