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Postby gas boiler » Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:24 am

my neighbour has installed a second hand gas boiler and flue on the front outside wall of the house and said he is going to box it in .is this legal what can i do, its noisey and when the wind is blowing towards my house/garden we are getting fumes across our boundary,reading building regs it states that you cannot build/extened on the front of a house, can anyone help
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Postby Atticus Finch » Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:34 am

If the neighbour installed the boiler himself he has broken the law and if he paid someone to do the work, the installation will not comply with manufacturer's installation instructions. In either case you should contact Gassafe on 0800 408 5500.

If you are saying that the boiler itself is on the outside wall of the house, you should contact the Building Control Officer at your local Council.

As for the fumes blowing across your boundary, provided the flue is not facing the boundary, it's OK. But if it is facing the boundary it should be at least 2.5 metres from the boundary. Distance is measured in the direction the flue points. So if the end of the flue is pointing upwards it will be OK, even if it is less than 2.5m from the boundary.

The fumes you see are mostly water vapour and carbon dioxide.
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Postby gas boiler » Fri Jun 15, 2012 4:47 pm

thanks for reply,this as been a nightmare since september 2011,the installer was not on gas safe reg when he installed it and that was our main concern, but is now ,and yes building control informed but i seemed to know more about building regs than they do,the boiler and flue are second hand and not A rated as should be now to comply with building regs i have also informed planning who are at present looking into the installation i have been in touch with transco gas for my area,who have been to the house 4 times ,twice turning the gas off to boiler,and putting an at risk notice on the boiler but he keeps tuning it back on.eho informed over noise though our living room wall ,have been 6 times we are now keeping a log of noise.the boiler is on all the time 24/7.gas safe now involed but they say they can only make sure gas is safe.but i feel they can do more if they want .its a joke nobodys got the bottle to tackle this,they all seem to be passing the buck as they say,the boiler and flue are on the front outside wall of the house and could not be any closer to my boundary,flue is 300mm from fence, and looks a right mess,its got wood and pastic sheet on top and two peices of material at the sides ,gas pipe showing at front with no impact protection,hope planning and gas safe will help.
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