Single impellor or twin impellor pump ?

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Friend of mine has recently moved into a flat and I'm helping out with a few DIY tasks / problems
He is having problems with water supply from basin and kitchen taps and has the following set up;

Heating is via electric rads
No bath - electric shower
Cold water via storage tank, then to single impellor pump then to bathroom basin and kitchen sink
Hot water via emmersion heater, then to single impellor pump then to bathroom basin and kitchen sink

Turning on any of the taps is hit and miss, sometimes the pumps kick in and sometimes not. With either pump not running the flow from the taps is poor, hence the addition of the pumps

My question is why would 2 single impellor pumps be fitted, side by side in the airing cupboard as opposed to 1 twin pump ?

When the pumps run they are both noisy and tend to squeel which I have suggested means worn/dry bearings and time to change the pumps. Does it make more sense to now fit 1 twin pump in place of 2 single pumps

Another issue is that in the kitchen, next to the sink, a pull cord switch has been fitted which the previous owner told us "you have to pull to switch on the pump for the hot water at the kitchen sink"

The wires from this switch go back to the pump and have been connected to the flow switch on the pump to "mechanically" switch the pump on instead of the water flow as you would expect

I don't want to start altering the wiring on a new pump and invalidate the warranty so am i likely to have problems with a new pump switching on due to poor water flow

Many things in the flat look totally bodged and the wiring and pipe work from these pumps are no exception

Any help or advice would be appreciated, although I realise that without seeing the installation this may be difficult but thanks anyway
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