Sound proofing Watertank and pump in airing cupboard

Postby mcslemon » Mon May 26, 2008 8:30 am


I'm buying a new home and one big annoyances (the home is amazing so want it regardless!!) is that the water tank/heater and pressure pump in the airing cupboard that feeds the hot water and central heating is pretty noisy, especially in the adjoining rooms.

Looking about, I've found this stuff which looks like it might be useful.

Because the house is built, it would mean sticking the stuff onto the wall into the cupboard as I don't want to be knocking things down at this early stage!

What do people think? Would I need to wrap the pipes in the airing cupboard too to help deaden the noise as well?

Any suggestions would be appreciated and also any suggestion on how I can get it professionally fitted in hampshire would also be greatly received.


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