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Help please,

I am renovating a barn, it’s a corner barn and the floor structure is held in place by 5 rsj's, which span out like a fan from the back inverted corner of the barn outwards. I need to create a suspended ceiling to be able to get services through and to put up the plaster board. In-between the rsj's there is existing 4x2 joists which support the floor above. I was thinking to use battens attached to this running vertical then running lengths of 2x2 which will sit below the rsj's. The batten would then be screwed into the 2x2 and anchored by screwing into the existing 4x2 joists. I would run the new ceiling in the opposite direction to the excising floor joists, as they are not every 400. I know 2x2 is not strong enough to support that weight but I can attach battens every 800mm apart. If I use 3x2 I would not be able to get the head height for building control.

Does anyone think this is a good idea, and do you think the building officer would be interested in it? Suggestions please
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