telescopic rail for a shower curtain

Postby Kamoha » Sat Sep 13, 2008 8:28 pm

I bought one of these in Argos (the 5.99 one) and it has 8 pieces, fitted it all together as per isntructions, but the instructions have no writing and I have no idea how the hell it is supposed to attached the wall, as that is not shown in the instructions at all, presumably the length is meant to sort of jam it in place, however it just falls down when I try.
I am so frustrated by this stupid thing, why not give some decent instructions :( There are 3 that require no fixiing with screws etc, I don't wanna buy another just to have the same problems with those. :(
This is not even for me but cos I am trying to rent my place out, and most people seem to want showers.
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