Tiling a shower cubicle

Postby Phatjap » Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:11 am

Hi there

I have a few questions with tiling a shower. I am installing in a wardrobe so it becomes an en-suite.

I have the plumbing figured but unsure where to start with the tiling.

1. Which wall do I start on, back, in, outside, (all walls will be tiled, including floor)

2.How do I approach corners where I do not know how far they will overlap,. (or do I guess grout size?)I will be be using plastic tile edging, do I tack this to the wall edge as a guide?

3 The shower tray is about 10 inches off the ground, do I start at the shower height or floor height, I will not be tiling behind the tray, starting on top of it.

I hope these questions make sense and some one can help me!

Thanks all in advance

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