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Postby peterhiggs » Tue Jul 03, 2007 10:40 pm

i am recieving freeview in my house downstairs through my outside aerial.a few years ago i had cable installed upstairs with the outside aerial connected into both rooms upstairs.i went to fix a freeview box in my spare room upstairs and when i put the aerial into the back of my freeview box,it came up with no question is this,how can i get my aerials upstairs to recieve a signal from my outside aerial,when it works downstairs and not upstairs .thanks
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Postby thedoctor » Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:10 am

Sounds like a bad connection from the ariel to the upstairs point or a break in the wire between the two Peter. Check it out.
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Postby peterhiggs » Wed Jul 04, 2007 10:50 am

daft question but how do i check it out,i notice downstairs that the two extra connections for my upstairs come in from downstairs and they seem okay.thanks for your help
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Postby sparx » Wed Jul 04, 2007 8:31 pm

Hi PH,
I would ask have you used upstairs aerial at all?
I would not expect one antenna to be able to power several sets, with or without digi boxes, if as i think you are saying one in put & two out put coaxes are at downstairs point then you need a booster/splitter unit with one input & 3 out put sockets so antenna in then out to local box plus out to each other pointhope thats what you mean,
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Postby peterhiggs » Thu Jul 05, 2007 10:31 am

i thought i might need a splitter,thanks.where can i get these splitters from,like you said,i have two aerials upstairs which arent recieving a signal,whilst the one downstairs is recieving a signal because my freeview box is working okay downstairs but not upstairs,thanks again
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Postby DONFRAMAC » Fri Jul 06, 2007 1:36 am

My Freeview aerial is only just able to perform OK on one set, and that is with the assistance of a mast-head amplifier, which is fed 12V dc from a box behind the TV. this box also receives the boosted signal and removes the dc, so the output from the box is suitable for the TV. This, I would expect, would give a suitably boosted signal to feed a multi-socket splitter.
I got my local TV dealership to do the work ( £90 all-in, for booster and fitting, inc vat. ---- 12 db booster, mains powered.)
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