update on vailant fan problem

Postby oldwelshman » Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:46 pm

Well as the earlier post has not been approved yet I cannot edit it with respect to the water leak so here is another post/question.
It was not condensation but it was a small leak in the heating pipes inside biler.
It is a stupid design as it looks as if the system is made inside out starting with the pipes :D there is a black piece of neoprene pipe connecet two pipes for some reason? I do not know why they did not use all copper.
The pipe is "crimped" onto the copper pipe work both ends and this is where the small leak originates.
I tried and failled to remove this pipework but did manage to clean lost of black gunge that was in the neoprene pipe, there are no spares listed for this so how do I stop this leak? I guess a plumber will have one of these crimps and a crimp tool? :D
Anyone else had this leak?
If I get another single problem with this boiler I am ripping it out !! :D
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