very noisy pipes when immersion heater is filling.

Postby grs90 » Fri Apr 06, 2007 3:50 pm

I've just moved in to a new all-electric flat and found that, when I run any hot water tap (which is fed from the immersion) after about 10 seconds an incredible noise comes from the cold pipes and they vibrate. The only way to stop it is to reduce the cold flow in to the immersion heater to a trickle.

Now I've read the article on here about noisy pipes and the possibility of it being to do with the float vibrating but it doesn't seem to be that. But I have noticed that the cold water supply in to the electric shower comes from a joint on the inflow pipe to the immersion heater - the joint is about 2 feet from where the pipe goes in to the immersion heater. I'm wondering if the flow of water in to the immersion heater as it refills could be dragging air in through the pipe to the shower and causing the noise? Could it? and if so how do I cure it?
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