Warping acrylic glazing?

Postby garfield59 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:04 pm

Hi, this is an unusual question but I thought if anyone could help they would probably use this website!
First some background:
We have a large fishtank (7 feet long) in our living room and the top consists mainly of sliding glass doors to allow access for feeding/cleaning etc.
Now the problem:
We have recently put some acrylic glazing sheet over the top of the glass doors (it's a long story) but after only a couple of days the edges of the acrylic are curling up like an out-of-date sandwich! I know there is heat coming off the water but it's only around 29 degrees C so I'm surprised the acrylic is doing this.

Any suggestions and or solutions for stopping the curling are most welcome.

Thank you

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