Water seepage behind shower tiles

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I have recently moved into a new home and after a few weeks have noticed a yellow discolouraton/stain appearing on the wall the opposite side to where the shower is. I think the sneaky occupants that sold us the house emulsioned over the stain so we would not see it.

I have ripped out the first few levels of tiles from the shower tray up and the wall behind is indeed very wet up to about 10 inches then dry, from the otherside the plaster is soft and springy to the touch where the stain is (about 1ft square). I think this is nothing more than water leaking behind the tiles over a sustained period of time, however my question is whats the best way to fix the problem.

Obviously I need the wall to dry out before I do anything, I would imagine if the water has gone past tile, through plaster, though a brick wall and through plaster again, this has been happening for quite some time!

After the wall is dry from the tile side, should I water seal it? what is the best product for this?

What product should I use to reseal the tiles to the shower tray once I put them back up?

Will the plaster on the other side of the wall be ok when it drys or should I get a plasterer to do a repair patch jobby?

Is this even the best way to go? Your help would be much appreciated.

From a DIY novice.

Many thanks
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