What is a Gent EMS6000 Series 6100 Economiser actually for?

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hi all, I'm a NEWBIE!!! Can anybody help???

Right then... my home has gas central heating/hot water provided by a Potterton Kingfisher MF gas boiler which is controlled by a Danfoss 103E5 electronic programmer which work very well together. In the hallway we have a (very dated) Honeywell room stat to regulate the temp, BUT, above that we have something called a 'Gent EMS6000 Series 6100 Economiser' which as baffled myself and others for some time now! The problem is that when the Danfoss programmer clicks to 'ON' either manually or via a preset programme, yes boiler kicks in and starts to heat hot water for the tank BUT the radiators will not kick in and heat up until the red illuminated 'OVERRIDE' switch is PRESSED to illuminate a green light which will then start the rads.
As you can probually understand this is a pain because when you get up on a cold morning or get in on a cold winters night from work even though the program has kicked in and boiler is running there id NO HEAT until you physically press the OVERRIDE switch on the 6100 Economiser. What is it actually for and how can I get round this problem so that the rads start automatically?

Can anybody HELP??? PLEASE!!!


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