What is minimum garden space for new development?

Postby x112fan » Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:25 pm

Hi... i have recently purchased a bungalow on a large plot of land. I am thinking about extending the bungalow and adding another bungalow on the site. However..i am not too sure...how much garden space i will need to provide the new development with..and how much space i have to leave for existing house.

The previous owner made a similar application but was refused by the council...on the basis of over development and not in keeping with street scene. Is i was to down scale the new house which i want to build and keep it in context of the surrounding buildings....do i have any chances for an approval?

Also..whats the best way to start this project? should i make contact with the case officer who refused the previous application to discuss this new development idea?

any help or guidance will be much appreciated.

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