Postby mickn » Mon Aug 20, 2007 7:28 pm

In my back room i have an inside light and a outside light, all 3 core wires. i have got a 1 way switch with red,black and earth wire to it and a centre light connected to it but it doesn't work, then there is a 3 core wire comming down the wall and was connected to another switch then from this switch another 3 core wire which goes to an outside light. Now when the 3 core wire comming down is connected to the outside wire with red to red, black to black and so on, the inside light switch works the outside light. How can i make the inside light work and keep the outside light working. Please could you tell me where the cores are wired to eg com, L1 and L1?
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Postby sparx » Tue Aug 21, 2007 11:22 pm

sorry mickn reason no answers so far is that there is not enough info as to back ground of fault, ie what did you change, your 3 cores appear to be twin& earths so confusing, are your 2 switches a double or seperates.
imagine you have never seen your backroom and re-read your post!!!!!
how many wires/cores & what colours at centre light, give us a clue & we'll try to help, regards SPARX
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Postby mickn » Wed Aug 22, 2007 7:48 pm

Hi Sparx
I'll try to explain better, this is an extension onto the back of a garage. There is a 1 way switch immediately you walk in to the room with a wire which has a blue, brown and green/yellow cores. Then the centre light which has a wire with a red, black and earth. Then there is a wire comming down the other wall with a red,black and earth. This was connected to another 1 way switch but i think had doubled up wires from the outside light which has the same cores. Now the inside light and outside did work but now the only light that works is the outside light and this is when i match the respective wires from the outside light and wire comming down the other wall. Hope this clearer as i've not a clue what is going on.
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