Worcester Greenstar 30CDi Boiler Provides Lukewarm Water Only

Postby laskes » Wed May 28, 2014 9:52 pm

We had Worcester Greenstar 30CDi boiler serviced last week (was working fine, this was just an annual routine service).
After the service we can only get lukewarm water (always hot before).
We have a huge hot water tank in the airing cupboard where the hot water is stored.

Before, we used to heat the water for an hour and this would give plenty of hot water for kids to have a bath and two adults to have their showers.
Now the water is barely warm, we need to boil a kettle to add to kids bath.
We left the water on for 3 hours yesterday so it got a bit warmer but still not hot.
I turned the temperature dial on the boiler from "eco" to "max" - made no difference.

The plumber is away on holiday for two weeks so cannot get him back to have a look.
When he serviced the boiler, he took some plastic part out of it and washed it under tap. I don't know if he changed some setting or turned some valve.

Does anyone have any advice what might be wrong or what could we do please?
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