Product Review and Test of Brush Renew Paint Brush Cleaner and Restorer From Eco Solutions

Product Review Summary: Difficult to believe that Brush Renew, a water-based product with no solvents at all can take a paint brush from being covered in gloss paint which has been set hard for at least 3-months, back to a position where it's bristles are as good as new. Admittedly the paint brush did not look like it had just been unwrapped from a new packet, but the bristles were soft and good to go. The great thing about this review was there was no work to do. We put the brush in a tub full of Brush Renew, left it overnight, cam back in the morning, washed the brush off.....Done.....Now read on.

Video Review

Video Review of Eco Solutions Paint Brush Renew and Restore

On Site Test of Brush Renew

When we found out we were to do a product review of Brush Renew we took a couple of identical brushes and worked with them for a couple of hours painting old bits of timber in undercoat and gloss. We did not just dip them in a pot of gloss and leave them to go hard, we wanted to make sure the paint went hard on every bristle so we worked it well in.

Cleaning paint brushes with Brush Renew

Leave the paint brush in Brush Renew overnight to bring back to life

Many reviews of brush cleaners, mostly seen on the telly, involve a brush just dipped in paint. This just leaves a coat of paint on the outside surface of the brush which is easily dissolved by any brush cleaner to expose the untouched bristles on the inside. Our test we as thorough as it could be and Brush Renew came flying through as the video shows.

Cleaning paint brushes with Brush Renew

Leave the paint brush in Brush Renew overnight to bring back to life

When we were done with the brushes we put them on the side waiting for the delivery of Brush Renew. Because of a rush of orders for Eco Solutions, the product review did not take place for another 3-months......By which time the brushes were rock hard and (we thought) irrecoverable. How wrong we were.

Non Pungent, Non Toxic Brush Renew

The thing that really struck us was the sweet smell of Brush Renew. Having worked for years with solvent based paint brush restorers it was a welcome change to stand over something that didn't make your eyes water. The ability to work ones fingers through the bristles without worrying about chemical burns is another huge advantage with Brush Renew.

Use a Suitable Receptacle for Brush Renew

The first step is a word of warning.....We did not read the instructions properly and put the Brush Renew in a small plastic cup, the kind you get from a water cooler. We left it overnight and in the morning the cup had withered and virtually collapsed so even though there are no solvents or toxins in Brush Renew and it is entirely safe on your skin.......Put it in a thicker container when you clean your brushes!

Fortunately the Brush Renew had done it's job and having transferred it to the plastic beaker you see in the video we were able to run the test properly.

How to use Brush Renew to Best Effect

Put the brush in the container and cover the bristles with Brush Renew. Leave. If you are able to return to the container every now and again over the next 24 hours, squeeze the bristles together in your fingers to work the brush renew as deep into the bristles as possible. This makes the cleaning process a little quicker but is not vital to get the brush clean. Brush Renew will work it's magic regardless if you just leave it.

After 24 hours, work the bristles by either squeezing them between your fingers (wear rubber gloves if you are concerned) or dabbing the brush up and down on a piece of paper on the work bench. This lifts the last bits of paint from the bristles. Wash the brush in a bowl with some warm, soapy water and tour brush should be as good as new.

Brush Renew Lasts a Long Time

Because there are no solvents to evaporate and the water, on which Brush Renew is based, is held in suspension, Brush Renew will last at least twice as long as other paint cleaning products as the evaporation is minimal meaning Brush Renew can be used over and over again.

Restoring Brushes to Their old Shape

Using brush restorers usually involves a great deal of working the brush up and down on the bottom of the pot you are using to keep the restorer in. This action mis-shapes the bristles and even when the brush is free from paint and the bristles are soft, the mis-shaped bristle pack makes it impossible to use the brush for anything other than rough emulsion work.

It is impossible to "cut-in" with a brush which looks more like a mop than a paint brush. With Brush Renew there is no need to do this. Simply leave the brush overnight, work through a couple of times with your fingers if you have the chance and wash it all off with soapy water when you are done. The brush keeps its shape and can be used for all of the delicate, tricky tasks like cutting in to tight corners.

Restoring brushes to their original shape can be tricky

Use Brush Renew to avoid having paint brushes like mops

Benefits of Using Brush Renew

  • Solvent Free, not headaches from smells
  • Non toxic
  • Hazard free
  • Non flammable
  • Lasts up to 3 times longer than other brush cleaners and restorers
  • Restores brushes in their usual shape

Doc's Opinion of the Brush Renew from Eco Solution

As you may have gathered from our review and the video, Brush Renew is an asset to any workshop. Even just for cleaning your brushes immediately after use it is as cheap as chips when you consider that it lasts up to 3-times longer than any other paint brush restorer. We liked it very much and it now forms part of our ever expanding tool-kit. Definitely 5 stars for Eco Solutions Brush Renew.

The Doctor's Opinion

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5 Stars (5 out of 5 stars)

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