Product Review of Grime Go – Cleaning and Degreasing Agent for the Preparation of Walls, Ceilings, Doors, Windows and all Timberwork for Painting and Decorating

Product Review Summary: This review tests a new product to the market which, Eco Solutions claim, will clean all grease and grime from any surface in a few minutes in readiness for painting and decorating. DIY Doctor puts Grime Go to the test in real "on-site" conditions by giving it to some decorators on a refurbishment job. Watch the results and our rating for this eco-friendly, solvent free product from Eco Solutions.

Video Review

Video Review of Grime Go Cleaner and Degreaser

On Site Test of Grime Go

We chose a 60 year old ledge and brace door with at least 10 coats of paint on for this test. The door was hung temporarily on a site toilet frame for 3 weeks before being used as the door you can see in the video.

There was no door handle so the door was covered in all sorts of grease from power tools, fingerprints, cement. You name it, it was on the door!

Cleaning a ledged and braced door to prepare for paintwork

Cleaning and degreasing a ledged and braced door for painting

We had our doubts about Grime Go. Grime Go is a solvent free, water based, non toxic degreasing agent designed to prepare surfaces for decoration. Prior to Grime Go we had always used a little white spirit on a rag to degrease the surfaces we were about to paint.

Our hesitation and reservations proved to be completely groundless as Grime Go ripped it's way through the grease to leave a perfect surface for decorating.

Applying Grime Go to a Greasy Surface

The trigger action of the Grime Go cleaner feels strong and does not spread out too far as happens with a lot of trigger action sprays.

The degreaser is concentrated where you need it and there are no nasty dribbles down the neck of the spray to make your hands soaking wet. A good start for the Grime Go equipment!

Degreasing paintwork with Grime Go to get ready for new paint on a door

Applying a degreasing agent to old paintwork to prepare for new paint

Removal of Grease and Grime From Surfaces to be Painted

We left the Grime Go for only a minute but we could already see a few oily finger prints dissolving in front of our eyes. How on earth this can work with only a water based product is beyond us but work it does!

Our Decorators call it "The Magic Water" There is no sticky residue, the smell is sweet rather than the dangerous toxic odour of solvent based products and with a few quick wipes the door was as clean as a whistle.

Oily finger prints to be removed

Grime Go deals with oily fingerprint on painted door

Health and Safety with Grime Go as a Solvent Free Degreaser

Eco Solutions Grime Go is water based and solvent free. As with all Eco Solutions products there is no danger from rogue splashes and spills although we do recommend that they be wiped off as soon as possible.

Benefits of Using Grime Go to Degrease Surfaces

  • Easy to apply and very safe with no solvents or toxic chemicals to hurt your skin or the surface of the work you wish to paint
  • Great coverage with a two spray action limiting the amount you need to use and reducing waste
  • No headaches or dizziness with powerful solvent smells
  • Cleans in minutes with minimum of effort in wiping
  • Absolute security that the new paint will adhere to a clean surface and not peel

Doc's Opinion of Grime Go Degreasing Surface Preparation

Paintwork in a home gets absolutely filthy. If you have kids there are fingerprints everywhere. Hoovering can pick up tiny flecks of butter on the wheels for example and transfer them to the skirting boards as you drag your Hoover round the lounge.

Even when the surface is sanded down, the grease can simply be transferred by the sand paper to a lower level. Although the surface may feel sanded, smooth and ready for paint, the grease will soon make sure that the paint does not stick as well as it needs to.

This leads to flaking and peeling and an unsightly paint job. A couple of easy squeezes with Grime Go and you can be sure that the grease is gone.

We like this product very much indeed. It makes preparation for painting and decorating very easy indeed and the fact that it comes in a 4 litre tub as well as the 750ml trigger spray means you can top up whenever you like making this a really low cost solution for decorators. 5 stars from us!

Grime Go 750ml spray and 4 litre tub

Make Grime Go last by topping up from a 4 litre tub

The Doctor's Opinion

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5 Stars (5 out of 5 stars)

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