Product Review of Home Strip Paint and Varnish Stripper From Eco Solutions

Product Review Summary: Eco Solutions, A UK company have invented a really powerful paint and varnish stripper which does not contain any solvents at all! Their entire range of products from De-Greasers, Artex removers, and even general purpose cleaners are all solvent free and the company uses the strap-line "Science not Solvents" to get the message across. This really is World Leading technology so we set out to see if it is as good as it claims to be.....And it was!

Video Review

Video Review of Eco Solutions Home Strip Paint and Varnish Stripper

On Site Test of Home Strip

Home Strip is safe. It is solvent free and will not harm your skin or other parts of your body. Care should be taken of course, but Home Strip is water based and can be washed off, and away, very easily with no detrimental effects. For a really scary alternative read on......................

Home Strip from Eco Solutions

Home Strip paint and varnish stripper from Eco Solutions

Home Strip and Health and Safety

The greatest competitor to Eco Solutions Home Strip is the solvent based Nitromors which was introduced by Henkel. Their data-sheet of 2005 shows a toxic and harmful warning signs with the added note, in section 3 that......

(Nitromors shows.......) ″Limited evidence of a carcinogenic effect. Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed. Harmful: possible risk of irreversible effects through inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed. Product will cause irritation or pain due to strong defatting action on skin. Will irritate eyes″.

None of this applies to Home Strip, a water-based, non toxic, solvent free paint stripper which will not harm you in any way.

Applying Home Strip to the Surface

We applied Home Strip to a small section of painted matchboard taken from a renovation project which had been painted at least 4 times! The Home Strip was laid on quite thick to allow maximum penetration and to see if we could get all 4 coats off in one go. The video shows this process in action.

Using Home Strip in this way you can expect to strip about 4 square metres with 1 litre.

Use Home Strip to remove paint and varnish

Home Strip for removing paint and varnish from all surfaces

Removal of Paint and Varnish From Timber

Leave the Home Strip on the surface for about 40 minutes and then test a small area to see if the paint is ready to come off. The scraper you use should simply slide under the paint or varnish and a little elbow grease may be needed. The video shows an extensive test where we tried to remove 4 coats of paint in one go but by applying a little less Home Strip and being a bit more patient, you can remove the 4 coats in two attempts.

Home Strip and Lead Based Paints

Home strip works well with lead based paints as it binds all the lead pigments in the mulch which results in a liberal coating. If the paint does contain lead, please dispose of it carefully. Home Strip can be used safely on all the following surfaces.

  • All types of timber, both hard and soft.4
  • Stones, polished and treated rock such as marble
  • All types of brick
  • Concrete and plaster
  • Bathroom and kitchen ceramic and quarry tiles
  • Plastic (uPVC) windows and doors
  • Composite doors and windows
  • All metals, including soft metals such as Brass and Aluminium

Benefits of Using Home Strip to Strip Paint and Varnish

  • Safely applied with a paint brush
  • No toxins or solvents to harm your skin
  • No preparation required
  • No solvent smells or watering eyes
  • Excellent for removing lead based paints as all dust is absorbed in liquid
  • Easily disposal of in buckets
  • Strips all types of paint and varnish including polyurethane's and rust proof paints

Docs Opinion of Home Strip

Removing Lead based paints has been a problem for years. Not any longer. The lead pigments are kept stable in Home Strip and along with other paints and varnish, is stripped easily from the surface with no damage done to the surface. This really is an excellent product and we are very pleased to be able to sell it. Well worth the 5-stars we're happy to award it.

The Doctor's Opinion

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5 Stars (5 out of 5 stars)

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