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Product Review Summary: Is the Irwin Evo Universal Hand Saw different to other hand saws? In this series of hand tool reviews DIY Doctor checks out this statement from Irwin and examines how this saw will make a difference to the professional tradesman and also the home improver. With several hundreds of hand saws on the market Irwin must believe that there is a gap in the market to introduce a new design. DIY Doctor finds out.

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Video Review of the Irwin Evo Universal Hand Saw

How to Use the Irwin Evo Hand Saw and How it Differs From Other Saws

The Evo is a completely different design to most other saws in that the blade is cut away from the handle at the top edge. This has the effect of keeping the blade handle closer to the cutting edge of the saw and allowing the felling of more control. Yes I said the feeling of more control, not actually more control as this is not the case. However, the feeling is enough to give a novice the confidence that he has full control of the saw.

Irwin Evo Universal Hand Saw

The Irwin Evo Universal Hand Saw

The teeth are triple ground and this is one very sharp saw! It will fly through softwoods, hardwood, MDF, chipboard and even hard-board and plywood. No complaints there. With the blade being less than a mm, it's highly lacquered surface glides through the cut and if enough attention is given to the correct sawing procedure (see our project on how to saw timber) you will be able to use this saw with ease.

The Evo's hardened teeth allow it to stay sharp longer (6 - 8 times longer!) than handsaws without hardened teeth and the low angled set of the teeth means you can get very close indeed to cutting the work flush to the surface of other work. The handles is nice and soft giving support to the feeling of total control over the saw and the angled nose does actually make the blade a little more stable as Irwin claim

Special features of the Irwin Evo Universal Handsaw

  • Very sharp, triple ground teeth
  • Sharp angled nose for stability
  • Full length blade saw cut
  • Soft grip handle
  • Lacquered blade keeps rust away
  • Thin blade for non-binding cut
  • Handle closer to the teeth for feeling of greater control

We found this saw to be (pardon the pun here) a cut above the rest in a couple of ways but neither of these features are brilliant for the DIYer or Home Improver. The thin blade and very sharp teeth allow for a great, fast cut but despite the handle position and the special angled cut of the saws shoulder, this makes the saw blade a little too flexible for a novice to handle efficiently. Fantastic for trade but the novice might want to stick to the very capable range of Jack-saws out there.

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