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Product Review Summary: We tested the Irwin Magnetic Drive Guide set out on site as well as in the studio and there is no doubt it does what it says on the tin. The Irwin guide stopped the screwdriver bit slipping off the head of the screw and damaging the surface, it made sure the screw went in straight and it also ensured that our fingers were safe! All in all a great accessory and one we would keep in our tool box for first fixing work although we would not use this for carpentry second fixing work.

Video Review

Video Review of the Irwin Magnetic Drive Guide

Hand Tool Review of the Irwin Magnetic Drive Guide

The Irwin magnetic drive guide offers an ideal solution to the problems of putting screws in which are a little crooked because they shift a little on the screwdriver bit when you start to screw into the timber.

As the video shows, the strong magnet holds the screw firm onto the bit and the sliding cover keeps it straight as it drives into the wood.

In first fix carpentry work this is ideal as it allows for greater precision but with greater speed. For second fix carpentry work we would recommend drilling pilot holes and countersinking, or plugging, screw heads rather than driving them through the surface of the timber.

The screwdriver bit cannot slip off the head of the screw because the sliding case keeps it in position so the situation of a rogue bit scuffing across a surface and scratching it, is all but eliminated.

Most tradesmen, and many hobbyists, simply hold the screw in between their fingers when using a cordless driver. The screw is allowed to turn between the fingers while they keep it upright.

This has been known to cause quite a number of injuries as the screw has tilted, the bit slipped off and the end of the bit (still turning) has plunged down onto one or more fingers. The Irwin Magnetic Drive Guide stops this happening.

Irwin magnetic drive guide

Irwin magnetic drive guide

How the Irwin Magnetic Drive Guide Works

By using a very strong magnet in the drive guide, Irwin have managed to remove the problems associated with many other drive guides which is one of the screw falling out of the end of the guide the moment it is tilted ready for screwing. The guide itself is strong but light and there is little fear of buckling or inaccuracy.

As the screw is dragged into the timber by the thread, the guide is pushed up out of the way allowing the head of the screw to penetrate the surface of the wood.

With the driver torque set on the correct number, every screw can be placed to the correct depth without incident.

Features and Benefits of the Irwin Magnetic Drive Guide

  • Very strong magnet
  • Strong but light guide slide
  • Different lengths for different situations
  • Allows greater speed and accuracy when screwing into timber

If you would like to find out a bit more or even purchase this handy tool check out our DIY superstore.

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