Hand Tool Reviews – Irwin Marples MS500 All Purpose Chisels with ProTouch Grip

Product Review Summary: We tested the Irwin Marples MS500 All Purpose chisels to death! We tested them on fine joinery work such as putting in cabinet hinges and we tested them on rough work like chopping the knots out of some concrete shuttering. They did not let us down. We found the hardened steel allowed them to stay sharp for much longer than an ordinary chisel while the metal striking plate felt like the hammer was making direct contact with the blade. A great chisel.

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Hand Tool Review of the Irwin Marples MS500 All Purpose Chisels

The Irwin Marples MS500 all-purpose chisel has a few features which set it apart from other chisels. Our review focused on the relative abuse an all purpose chisel gets during the course of its life and it stood up very well.

All purpose chisels are used for any number of jobs. With proper sharpening (which takes a little longer, but is no more difficult, with the MS500 because the blade is hardened so well right up to 25mm from the handle) these chisels can deal with delicate joinery tasks such as rebating and cabinet hinges while at the other end of the scale they can literally "hack" out notches for joists and huge knots in form work timbers.

It is a fact that not many tradesmen use a wooden mallet for carpentry any more. The chisel handles are build in a much more robust way and can withstand constant use of an ordinary steel claw-hammer. This is the case with the Irwin Marples MS500. The steel striking cap, while not directly connected to the blade as with the MS750 transfers every bit of strike straight down to the blade while the ProTouch handle allows you to feel in perfect control of the chisel at all times.

Irwin Marples MS500 chisels with ProTouch handle set of 6

Irwin Marples MS500 chisels with ProTouch handle set of 6

How the Irwin Marples MS500 Chisels Work

The ProTouch grip is something Irwin are famous for throughout their excellent range of hand-tools and the Marples MS500 chisels are no exception. From the 6mm chisel right up to the 32mm chisel the handle alone makes you feel in full control of the blade.

The blade itself is hardened steel and keeps the cutting edge alive a lot longer than most chisels. Of course, if you hit nails and screws it will suffer, but in the normal course of both trade and hobby carpentry these chisels will serve you well.

The metal striking plate gives you confidence to hit hard if required for some work, while a delicate touch, for cabinet making etc, still transfers every bit of energy right down to the end of the blade where it is needed.

Features and Benefits of the Irwin Marples MS500 Chisels

  • Sharp, hardened steel blade
  • ProTouch grips for full control and sensitivity
  • Available individually in 9 different widths from 6mm chisels to 50mm chisels
  • Available in kits with one kit containing sharpening stone also

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