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Product Review Summary: In this hand tool review we put the 5m Irwin professional tape measure through it's paces. There are a few tell-tale traits when it comes to tape measures, especially when you look at failure points. These normally occur in the hook at the end and also weakening and snapping of the blade itself. With this in mind we paid particular attention to the tape measures blade strength and also to the strength of the hook. Irwin also claim that due to the tapes double nylon coating the numbers will never wear off.

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Hand Tool Review of the Irwin 5 Metre Professional Tape Measure

For a tape measure to stay accurate it has to be strong. A small kink in the tape or stretching of the hook at the end and a few mm can make the measurement of a work or hobby project inaccurate. This leads to poor workmanship and perfect justification in blaming ones tool!

With Irwin tapes this does not happen. Double coated with nylon to give the smoothest of running actions this tape will not lose its numbers no matter how many times you use it. The solid 19mm wide blade will not kink under normal circumstances and will stand out a huge 1.8m before it collapses under its own weight.

The very strong magnets on the end of the tape allow easy, single handed measurement while the two rivet construction holding the hook to the blade ensures that the tape will not stretch in this area.

One of the great features of all Irwin tools is the soft grips they apply on everything from tape measures to waterpump pliers. They feel good in your hand, give great grip and ooze superiority.

Irwin 5m professional tape measure

Irwin 5m professional tape measure

How the Irwin 5 Metre Professional Tape Measure Works

Sitting well in the hand with a soft, yet assumingly comfortable and sturdy grip these tape measures from Irwin allow for accurate measurement in a whole range of circumstances. The magnets on the hook will attach strongly to all metal objects allowing a hands free operation when pulling out the tape for measurement. A double nylon coating will not fade when the tape is pulled out keeping the numbers crisp and clear for a very long time. The soft nature of the grip also allows for this tape to be dropped without damage and the super fast locking mechanism keeps everything in place while you work.

Features and Benefits of the Irwin 5 Metre Professional Tape Measure

  • Very strong yet super-soft covering and grip
  • 2 strong magnets on tape hook
  • Double nylon coating for long wear
  • Strong two-rivets attachment of end hook to tape blade

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