Hand Tool Reviews – Irwin Visegrip 10 Inch Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

Product Review Summary: In this latest series of hand tool reviews we check out the Irwin Visegrip 10 Inch Curved Jaw Locking Pliers and see whether they are actually as good as Irwin claim them to be. We test out some key features that include their one-handed trigger release, their curved jaw that provides maximum grip on a range of different shaped materials, the unique self-energising lower jaw that allows for 3x the gripping power of traditional locking pliers and also a handy hex key slot in the adjustment screw for additional tightening. Find out what we thought when we put them through their paces.

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Video Review of the Irwin Visegrip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

Hand Tool Review of the Irwin Visegrip Curved Jaw Pliers

Our review of the Visegrip curved jaw pliers (of all lengths) concludes very favourably with this tool. On the whole we have found the Visegrip range certainly live up to their name in that their gripping power is immense, coupled with the quick release trigger and other features these pliers are certainly as good as any other pliers in the Visegrip range.

Visegrip locking pliers

Irwin Visegrip 10 inch Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

How the Visegrip Curved Jaw Pliers are Used

Getting a good grip with most pliers is not an easy thing to do. Steel teeth generally slip on a curved or shaped surface because not enough pressure can be applied to bite into the surface properly. No such problem with this tool ! The very strong teeth bite in well, even to the smoothest of surface because the principle of leverage is applied over and above the pure strength of the person using them.

The nut on the handle is adjusted to close the curved jaws round the object to be moved, be it a rusty bolt head or a piece of pipe jammed in a wall. The pliers can then be squeezed shut in a lever action occurring within the plier mechanism which will apply (we think) at least 10 times the amount of pressure which can be applied by hand. Furthermore the pressure is constant. It will not weaken as we turn the tool and consequentially no slipping occurs.

These pliers apply a huge strength all the way down the jaw. Although the pressure is at its maximum at the base of the curves in the pliers, the shape and design of the handles allows for a great deal of pressure even at the very tip of the jaws.

Features and Benefits of the Visegrip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

  • Very strong clamping action
  • Hugely sharp and strong gripping teeth
  • Simple one click release
  • Variable adjustment
  • Curved shape designed to fit round most curves to 30mm

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