Tarmac Kiln Dried Paving Joint Sand

Product Review Summary: Watch our video and read the product review for Tarmac Kiln Dried Paving Joint Sand and find out what we thought of it when we used it to repair a section of block paving

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Manufacturer: Tarmac

Model Number: N/A

Type: Kiln Dried Sand

Included in the Box:

  • Kiln Dried Fine Sand
  • Instructions on container

Special Features:

  • Easy to open bag
  • Easy to pour
  • Easy to brush into joints
  • Ready to use

The Doctor's Opinion

Reviewed by: The DIY Doctor

5 Stars
(5 out of 5 stars)

Excellent product and really easy to use. No specialist tools or even tools required to use the product, well accept a dustpan and brush. As the sand is so fine you can also be sure that that it will get into even tight joints. As the containing bag is sturdy and well made you can also be sure that it keeps the sand fresh and dry. With enough sand in a large bag to cover 4 square meters of 50mm block paving and third party accreditation to BSEN9001, this is a fantastic product and comes highly recommended.