Product Review of the Loft Light from Loft Leg - How to Create Light in Your Loft Without Expensive Rewiring and Electrical Work

Product Review Summary: The Loft Light from Loft Leg really impressed us. There is no wiring, the batteries last for up to 4 years, it was up and working in under 10 minutes and there is no danger of bashing the bulb with a suitcase. As the video shows it is ideal for loft storage with a really great feature that consists of a small piece of sticky back plastic.

Video Review

Video Review of Loft Light loft and attic lighting system

On Site Test of the Loft Light from Loft Leg

As the video shows, we were in one of the messiest lofts we have been in and, having been asked to turn it into a nice loft we thought we had better start by throwing some light on the subject - Enter Loft Light.

Loft Light boasts 350 Lumens which translates into about 30 - 32 Watts. That's not a huge amount of light under normal circumstances but placed properly in a loft, with a battery powered LED bulb, it is plenty. The low wattage and LED bulb also means there is very little heat produced which allows the batteries to last for ages.

The Loft Light lighting system

The Loft Lights 32W LED bulb gives 350 Lumens from it's battery power

Why Buy a Loft Light?

Today's Building Regulations suggest that 270mm of loft or attic insulation is required to reduce the amount of heat loss your home experiences naturally. Most roof spaces have around 100mm of loft insulation in them as a matter of course. This means adding a further 170mm.

Rockwool insulation spun from melted rock and sand

Spinning rock and sand together makes Rockwool insulation

To use your loft as viable storage space it is necessary to lay at least some boarding and when this is laid it should not “squash” the insulation.

Rockwool or Mineral Wool (the usual type of insulation found in the loft and made from a process of melting rock and sand together and spinning them into fibres) should not be compressed or it loses both its thermal and acoustic qualities so this means lifting the loft floor.

This can be done in a number of ways but the important thing is that when you have spent money getting your loft to be a valuable area for storage, it makes a whole lot of sense to be able to see what you are putting in, or taking out of it!

Loft Light provides a very simple solution to this problem without any need for electrical wiring or any difficulty in breaking into existing circuits. It also avoids the danger of running cable fed lead lights or inspection lights into the loft

Loft inspection or lead light with trailing cable

Trailing cables can be dangerous when using inspection or lead lights in loft

With all other forms of loft lighting one of the problems is that when the loft hatch is opened there starts a desperate scramble to find the light switch, the lead light, the cable or the socket to plug the lead light into.

With Loft Light the unique pull cable simply hangs down near the loft opening and the wonderfully simple reflective tag attached to the pull cord immediately shows where the cable is. Reach out, one pull, lights on !

Reflector strip on Loft Light pull cord

Loft Lights pull cord is easy to find with the reflector strip attached

The Loft Light from Loft Leg is a fantastic alternative to the other loft lighting options and, with absolutely no training or electrical skills needed to fit it, we think it is probably the simplest solution to loft lighting on the market today.

  • One or more Loft Lights
  • Screwdriver
  • 3 x D Cell Alkaline Batteries
  • (Suggested) Drill for making pilot holes in roof timber

Instructions for Fitting the Loft Light

  1. Look for a suitable roof timber no more than 2m away from the loft hatch. The Loft Light comes with 2m length of pull cord and ideally the end of this pull cord should be as close to the loft opening as possible. When you stick your head up into the loft you should be able to reach the cord easily
  2. The Loft Light takes 3 D-type batteries

    Fit 3 D-Type batteries into the Loft Light

  3. Press release button on the back of the Loft Light and pull the back off. The back of the Loft Light is also the battery cover. It is pre-drilled with 9 holes to enable you to fix to ceiling rafters, perlins, jack rafters, hip rafters, ridge boards, valley rafters, ceiling joists or any other appropriate roof timbers
  4. Drilling pilot holes to fix the Loft Light

    Pilot holes will make fitting the Loft Light easier

  5. Open the Velcro straps in the battery compartment and insert 3 D batteries, make sure the polarity is correct and refix the Velcro straps
  6. Fixing the Loft Light to roof joist

    The Loft Light is easily fixed to roof timbers

  7. Choose the position to fix your light and, using the pre-drilled holes in the back of the Loft Light as a guide, drill 2 pilot holes of 1 or 2mm diameter
  8. Clipping a Loft Light onto back-plate

    The Loft Light clips back onto it's back-plate

  9. Check you have the back the correct way up to clip the light onto it with the pull cord hanging down
  10. Cutting the Loft Light pull cord to length

    Cut the Loft Light pull cord to length and tie off

  11. Attach the reflective strip in a position on the pull cord where it will reflect the light from the room below the moment the loft hatch is opened
  12. Attaching reflector strip to Loft Light pull cord

    The reflector strip can be attached to the pull cord of the Loft Light

    Fully fitted and working Loft Light

    The fitted Loft Light will provide plenty of light in the loft

The Docs Opinion

Another great product from Loft Leg. The Loft Light is just so simple to fit, so easy to use, lasts forever at virtually no cost and gives enough light to make loft work a pleasure. The reflector strip is a stroke of genius and all in all we think it is a really great product - 5 stars.

The Doctor's Opinion

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5 Stars (5 out of 5 stars)

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