Product Review and Test of the Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Eco Solutions

Product Review Summary: This product review of the Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Eco Solutions showed what a good product this is. We found it hard to believe that a water-based product, with no solvents or toxic components could clean this well, this quickly. The Multi-Purpose Cleaner takes the best bits of all of the Eco Solutions, solvent free product range and puts them all into one container to make pretty much every cleaning job around the home much easier.

Video Review

Video Review of the Multi Purpose Cleaner from Eco Solutions

On Site Test of the Multi Purpose Cleaner

We gave a spray container to a cleaning company who were cleaning up a ground floor refurbishment project we had been working on. Their first comment was how sweet is smelled! There are no toxic gases or solvent smells. We also asked them to test it without wearing their stock-in-trade rubber gloves to test the claims of Eco Solutions that this product is not harmful to skin in any way.

Please do not try this at home if you have sensitive skin, but under normal circumstances, Multi Purpose Cleaner is not harmful to your skin.

The claims made by Eco Solutions of the Multi Purpose Cleaner include cleaning stains and removing ink. These problems were not evident in the building work we had undertaken so we asked our cleaners to pop upstairs where the owners of the property were only too pleased to have some free work done!

Multi Purpose Cleaner from Eco Solutions

One multi purpose spray-on cleaner for many problems

Cleaning Dried Paint Splashes

They started on some dried paint splashes on a couple of panes of glass and on a small melamine worktop. A couple of quick sprays of the cleaner were left for 20 minutes before being wiped off very easily with a damp cloth. One of the paint splashes was quite thick and needed a "second coat" of Multi Purpose Cleaner but 20 minutes later that was gone also......Result 10 out of 10.

Cleaning Stains

This was a little beyond the remit of our refurb cleaners but they duly found a little dirt stain on the stair carpet. A quick spray, left for 1 minute before being rubbed into the carpet and washed out with a wet cloth removed most of the stain in one go. 2 more tries, in the same way, removed the stain altogether. The owners were very impressed!.......Result 10 out of 10.

Cleaning Glue Residue

We use construction adhesives such as Everbuild's Clearfix so this was never going to be an easy task but the Multi Purpose Cleaner took to it manfully. We are always very careful when applying adhesives like this so there was no actual evidence of it having been used. We therefore applied a little smear to a worktop to test the cleaner and it immediately worked it's magic. It did take a little longer than suggested on the tub and it also took a little more elbow grease but it did shift the dried adhesive residue eventually........ Result 8 out of 10.

Cleaning Ink

Not so much ink around on a building site these days so once again we sent our cleaners upstairs where they asked the youngsters of the house to do a little scribbling with a biro on the bottom corner of a wall....We promised the owners that we would redecorate the room if the Multi Purpose Cleaner did not work. Thankfully it did! The spray was left for a minute as directed, then a short scrub with a damp cloth lifted the ink right off the surface, excellent................Result, 10 out of 10.

Super Degreaser

This test was done on an old oven that we had been instructed to replace. The results were almost the same as those achieved by Eco Solutions Super Strength Degreaser which can be seen here. The cleaners were amazed at how something without the pungent smell of solvents associated with most cleaning products could clean such a filthy object so well..........Result 8 out of 10 - The only reason this product did not get 10 out of 10 is because Eco Solutions have a Super Strength Degreaser which is a bit stronger.

PVCu Cleaner

As with the Super Degreaser, this test was not as good as with the specialist PVCu cleaner in the range of Eco Solutions products. However, it did a really good job of bringing up the newly installed PVCu windows to a sparkling finish and unless you have gutters and facia boards which are as filthy as those we tested in our Super Strength PVCu cleaner video, this stuff will serve you well........Result 8 out of 10.

Graffiti Cleaner

To test the graffiti removing abilities of the Multi Purpose Cleaner we painted a left-over brick with some gloss paint and let it dry. It took 3 attempts, leaving each spray on the brick for an hour and a half over the course of the day, but by the end of the day the paint was gone.........Result 10 out of 10

Benefits of using the Multi Purpose Cleaner

  • Completely solvent free
  • Will not harm your skin
  • Non toxic
  • Cleans everything from walls to tools
  • Smooth Spray action
  • Works in minutes

Doc's Opinion of the Multi Purpose Cleaner

The results above really speak for themselves. We now all carry a spray tube of Multi Surface cleaner in our vans and would not go onto a job without it. Even if it is only used for getting the glued on labels that manufacturers insist on putting onto toilet pans and bath panels, it's worth the money!

The Doctor's Opinion

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