Product Review of the Eco Solutions uPVC and PVCu Super Strength Cleaner and Paint Splash Remover

Product Review Summary: This product review looks at a new way of cleaning PVCu windows, doors and door frames, gutters and facia boards. It is a solvent free approach from Eco Solutions and it really is world leading technology. Their philosophy is science not solvents and their water-based products work better than any solvent based products we have used. The PVCu cleaner, as you can see from the video, works quickly, easily and removes even the most stubborn of stains, paint and mould.

Video Review

Video Review of Eco Solutions PVCu and uPVC cleaner and paint remover

On Site Test of Super Strength PVCu Cleaner

We chose a length of gutter and facia board on a trading estate that quite obviously had not been cleaned for years. The mould was thick and the dirt was thicker! This was a great test for the PVCu cleaner and we sprayed a section a few minutes before the camera started rolling.

Water based upvc and pvcu cleaner and paint remover

Water based PVCu cleaner which works wonders - Solvent free products from Eco Solutions

Applying the Super Strength PVCu Cleaner

The trigger action of the PVCu cleaner feels very strong. It's obvious it will last and not fall apart in your hands. The nozzle has two settings. The first a direct jet of cleaner for getting behind things like hinges and gutter brackets. The second (Quarter turn to the right) a fine spray for reducing wastage and covering a larger area with one squeeze. While there is no indication on the bottle as to the maximum coverage one can expect, we would image it would last for at least two years of normal use in the home.

Removal of Paint Splashes and Mould

After only a couple of minutes we were able to use a rag and gently wipe away the mould on the gutter and facia board. There was no effort required and it felt like the PVCu cleaner had just lifted any suction the mould may have had. A few seconds and the section we were working on, was spotless.

Super strength PVCu cleaner cleans mould and paint easily

Use Eco Solutions PVCu cleaner to clean mould and paint splashes from gutters and facia

Super Strength PVCu Cleaner Health and Safety

The Eco Solutions PVCu cleaner is water based and solvent free. There is no danger from splashes on the skin although we would suggest washing it off when you have finished.

Benefits of Using Cleaner and Paint Remover

  • Very easy and safe to apply with no solvents to hurt skin or the surface
  • Two spray actions increasing economy of coverage
  • No solvent smells or headaches
  • Excellent for removing mould and paint splashes
  • No effort in wiping off and leaving a clean surface

Doc's Opinion of uPVC and PVCu Cleaner and Paint Remover

Sometimes PVCu gutters, doors, downpipes, facias etc get absolutely filthy. Maybe its because they are mostly white that they appear so dirty or maybe there is just some scientific attraction of PVCu to mould. Whatever it is they need cleaning fairly frequently to avoid looking awful and there is no doubt in our mind that it is the PVCu cleaner from Eco Solutions which will be our cleaner of choice from here on in.

The Doctor's Opinion

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