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Product Review Summary: Product review summary: Repairing concrete paths and driveways, patios etc is a huge topic for discussion on DIY Doctor. The fact is that any hole can be filled with an ordinary mix of concrete which will look absolutely fine for a couple of weeks. The problem is however, that because of the larger (usually 10 - 14mm) aggregates in the concrete mix, a poor contact is realised with the sides of the existing hole. The gaps left soon fill with water. This water expands as it freezes (which it does a lot in the UK!) and the expansion makes the holes even larger....So starts the relatively quick process which breaks up the repair taking you back to square one! The repair mortar from Rizistal stops all of that happening.......Read on!

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Video Review of Rizistal Deep Fill Conrete Repair Mortar

What is an Epoxy Mortar?

Epoxies are created by mixing a resin with a hardener. In it's basic form, with no additives, the result might simply be a very hard but flexible, strong adhesive.

In the form employed by Rizistal, with the addition of some other chemical compounds and some special sand, we end up with a really strong, really heavy duty filler which is capable of withstanding any amount of weather, wear and tear, freezing, heat and as much traffic as you can throw at it.

It's flexibility makes path, driveway and paving repairs as easy as they can be without the worry of having to do the same thing, in the same place, every few months!

Rizistal Epoxy mortar in container

Epoxy mortars are strong, pliable and waterproof

How we Repaired Some Pretty Ugly Cracks and Holes in a Concrete Patio

The task was to repair a very unsightly concrete patio which was full of cracks and holes. Some of these holes were very deep, up to 150mm, and the Deep Fill Repair Mortar was called for.

This mortar has quite a coarse aggregate so is very strong at depths from 20mm up to 150mm deep but will not allow you to smooth the top over very well because of the size of the individual pieces of aggregate.

To ensure you have the smoothest top possible, especially when the surface is to be painted as this one is, you will need to use the Rizistal Fast Cure Epoxy Concrete Repair Mortar. This is essentially the same stuff but with a much finer aggregate which allows you to smooth off the top easily. It is not suitable for deeper repairs, hence the Deep Fill Repair Mortar.

Cracked and worn patio concrete

Badly cracked and worn patio concrete

Making the Hole Suitable for Repair

To get the best results from this repair mortar it is important that the hole is made as uniform as possible. If the hole has a a small opening which widens out under the surface it will be much harder to effect a really good repair. Much better to do as we did and open the hole out so you can physically see all sides and the bottom. That way you know for sure your repair will work as it is touching all sides of the void.

Hole in concrete path

Repairing holes in concrete with repair mortar

Mixing Epoxy Repair Mortar

As mentioned in the summary, Epoxy mortars are in two parts. There is a resin which, in the case of Rizistal's Deep Fill Repair Mortar, is mixed with some fairly large aggregate. Then there is the hardener which, when mixed with the resin, starts a curing process which does not take very long at all. We will look into curing and working times later in the review.

Epoxy mortars require a resin and a hardener

Mixing a hardener with an epoxy resin repair mortar

Rizistal provide a nice large container for their repair mortar which contains the resin and aggregate. Also enclosed is a measured tin of hardener. The main container is large enough to act as a mixing bucket which in our opinion is very thoughtful indeed!

Using a mixer paddle to mix epoxy mortar

Epoxy mortars can be mixed with mixer paddles

The hardener is tipped straight into the resin and, using a paddle mixer, it takes about 5 minutes to get the repair mortar ready. Do not have the drill on full speed, a slow, gentle mix is required to ensure all the hardener is mixed with the resin.

Cleaning Tools After Mixing Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy goes very hard so do not hang about cleaning your tools. This needs to be dome with a solvent cleaner. Most solvent cleaners, such as White Spirit, can be very harsh on your skin so Rizistal make a solvent cleaner which is much safer. It's called Safer Solvent and is great for any kind of solvent based cleaning and particularly good at cleaning your tools.

Safer Solvent tool cleaner from Rizistal

Cleaning tools is easier with Safer Solvent

Filling Holes With Epoxy Repair Mortar

Tip the repair mortar out of the container and push well into the corners of the hole with a trowel. Do not leave any voids.

Concrete repair using epoxy mortar

Pushing epoxy repair mortar into concrete hole

The Deep Fill Repair Mortar should be left about 30 to 50mm down from the top of the hole when you have pushed it well down and compacted it thoroughly.

Leaving deep fill epoxy mortar down from top of hole

Leave room for finer aggregate repair mortar in deep holes

Then score the top of the repair with a trowel to give a key to the repair mortar you will need to place on top of the deep fill mortar.

Trowel in and smooth off repair epoxy once laid

Bond one coat of repair mortar to another by scratching surface

When can I use my Repaired Concrete Surface

The Deep Fill Repair Mortar from Rizistal will take light traffic (Foot traffic, bikes etc) after only 4 hours. If your repairs are to a driveway then cars will have to wait 12 hours. Compared to normal cement and aggregate concrete that is incredibly quick.

DIY Doctor's Verdict on the Deep Fill Mortar From Rizistal

This repair mortar is great. It's great for the trade and amazing for DIYers and home improvers. It is mixed in moments, applied really easily and sets so quickly you can be using the surface in record time. This is yet another Rizistal product we have absolutely no hesitation in putting our brand behind.

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Rizistal concrete and mortar repair products

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