Product Review of the Rizistal Universal Concrete Dust Proofer and Sealer

Product Review Summary: We tested the Universal Concrete Dust Proofer and Sealer from Rizistal, as we do all products, on a real job in normal conditions. Amongst other things the product states it is damp tolerant (can be applied in damp conditions) and it eliminates dusting. These are two of the many claims we put to the test. The result, as you will see from this review and the video, is that this particular dust proofer and sealer from Rizistal did exactly what it said it would.

Video Review

Video Review of the Rizistal concrete dust proofer and sealer

Why Does Concrete Need to be Sealed?

There are many reasons for sealing concrete. First and foremost is that it is a very simple way of reducing, if not eliminating dust from concrete floors. The top few millimetres of any concrete slab are composed of a great deal of dried cement slurry.

This occurs as the water from the freshly laid concrete evaporates from the surface as the slab, path or other object dries out.

The residue left behind, although seemingly fixed and stable, is actually very loose and dusty. Anyone who has ever done any work in any house knows for sure that it does not matter how much protection you erect, dust finds it's way everywhere!

We found, with this dust proofer and sealer, that we could virtually eliminate the dust from a double garage floor.

Sealing concrete floors with Rizistal Dustproofer

Concrete floors can be sealed against dust using Rezistal Dustproofer and sealer

Sealing and dustproofing in large areas is particularly useful if the room is to be used for anything that needs to be dust-free. Car spraying, artists studios, model making etc. Dust is an enemy to these pursuits so the dust proofer and sealer from Rizistal fits the bill perfectly.

Sealing concrete is also an advantage in preventing contaminates into the concrete so read on for more about this.

How do I use the Dust Proofer and Sealer?

Firstly, brush and scrape up any loose mortar or concrete spills from the surface. It would not hurt to use a vacuum afterwards to reduce the dust in the air.

Scraping concrete and mortar spills from slab

Scrape up and mortar spills from concrete slab

Tip the sealer straight into a large paint scuttle (Rizistal sell large paint scuttles on their website) and using one of their large rollers and also one of their telescopic handles, work your way up and down the surface.

Do not be too delicate here, the sealer will soak into the concrete nice and quickly so moving around quickly will help you get a nice, even coverage. When you have the first coat on, wait a couple of hours to apply the second. You will find the coverage for the second coat increases and you can go a little slower.

Rizistal's concrete sealer

Concrete sealer that does not need mixing

Is Sealing Concrete the Same as Curing Concrete?

Curing concrete means allowing the concrete to dry properly, retaining an adequate moisture content, at the correct temperature to avoid splitting, cracking and to ensure that the concrete maintains it's integrity throughout the entire drying out period.

Concrete that is curing should be kept at approximately 50 degrees Farenheight or slightly above while remaining damp for an optimum period of 28 days. If this is facilitated the concrete will eventually be 50% stronger than it's improperly cured counterpart.

Sealing concrete is an entirely different proposition and as well as sealing to prevent dust getting out of the concrete, sealing can also be used to prevent contaminates getting into the concrete. This can bee as simple as a spilt tin of paint.

Two 5 litre cans of Rizistal Dustproofer and Sealer

Rizistal Concrete sealer comes in 5L and 25L containers

Are There Different Types of Sealers

There are three types of concrete sealer. The first is called a Film-Forming sealer which does exactly as it says.

It forms a film, or barrier on the top of the concrete to prevent anything soaking into the concrete if spilt.

The composition of a film-forming sealer is usually solvent based where the large structure of the molecules prevent the sealer offering a deep penetration into the concrete.

A great advantage of film forming sealers is their ability to prevent the absorption of water and mild chemicals.

Penetration sealers are composed of much smaller molecules allowing the sealer to penetrate the concrete to greater depths. The most common penetration sealers are from the Silicone range.

The big advantage of penetrating sealers is that they are less subject to wear and erosion (weathering) of the surface.

The final type of sealer is a universal sealer with a low viscosity which allows for a little penetration as well as leaving a protective surface film.

Cutting in concrete dustproofer to slab

Don't waste sealer by covering unnecessary areas

Can I use Rizistal Sealer to Help Cure my new Concrete?

Yes. Once the surface water has evaporated from your concrete, the sealer can be sprayed, using a low pressure spray onto the surface. This will prevent the concrete drying out too quickly and assist curing by keeping the water content at the correct level.

What Type of Sealer is Rizistal's Dustproofer and Sealer

The Dustproofer/Sealer from Rizistal is a solvent based clear acrylic sealer. The addition of the acrylic allows the sealer to become a universal sealer offering both penetration qualities and a firm film covering.

This protects the concrete from penetration of fluids while sealing against dust - the best of both worlds one might say!

The penetration is quick and easy as the video shows and with a coverage of up to 12 square meters per litre this product offers excellent value for money.

What are the Benefits of Rizistal's Dustproofer/Sealer

  • As a universal sealer this product does not discolour the concrete as many Silicone, Siloxane in particular, products do. They tend to darken the surface of the concrete
  • This product can be applied to damp surface so if your garage door has been open and the rain has blown in, all you need to do is brush away the surface water and off you go. A great benefit
  • This sealer has great penetration and, as the video shows, it is really quick. The result of this is far more advanced protection against water and other spills and much less weathering
  • The sealer, because of it's low viscosity, can be sprayed onto the concrete surface. Use a low-pressure spray for this to ensure greater control and even coverage
Rizistal Dustproofer being applied by roller

Get good coverage with concrete dustproofer by using a roller

How Long do I get to Work With This Product?

The fact that no mixing is required means you can use the sealer straight out of the tin. It is applied in moments as you can see from the video and is touch dry in 2 hours and therefore ready for over coating.

We stopped at two coats as this suited our needs but for a completely dust free zone with full protections against most kinds of liquid spills you might want to add a third coat or even a fourth. The more coats you add, the greater the coverage and the greater the protection so it really is worth it.

What About Cleaning Equipment Afterwards

All Rizistal products can be cleaned using their own Safer Solvent. Less harmful than White Spirit to the skin, Safer Solvent will do the job for you. You can find out more by clicking on the image.

Rizistal Dustproofer being applied by roller

Get good coverage with concrete dustproofer by using a roller

DIY Doctor's verdict of the Sealer and Dustproofer from Rizistal

As the video shows, we applied this sealer to quite a large area in no time at all. We even used a paint brush to cut in round the edges of the garage to ensure we covered all of the floor. It went on quickly and easily and was a pleasure to use.

3 months down the line and the floor is dust proof and many items have been spilled on it as it has now become a spray shop.

Yes of course there are some marks on the floor from the spills, (we have never found a sealer in 45 years that stops everything!) but the majority of the falls have been easily wiped up thanks to the great film-covering properties of the sealer. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending this product at all.

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