Product review of the Rizistal Flowfast Pourable Repair Concrete

Product Review Summary: If you need to repair a hole or crack in a concrete floor, garage, drive or path and it needs to be done quickly so you can walk and drive on it, Rizistal's Flowfast Pourable concrete is the material to use. We were very impressed indeed with this repair concrete as the following review will show.

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Video Review of the Rizistal Flowfast pourable repair concrete

Introduction to Flowfast Pourable Concrete

Flowfast concrete from Rizistal is a resin based, very high strength repair concrete which contains special cements, aggregates, polymers and reinforcing fibres.

It is used for quick, long lasting repairs to cracks and holes in masonry, concrete and ceramic floors.

It is purple when first mixed, drying to a dark grey when laid or poured. It is available from Rizistal in 10 and 20kg tubs.

Rizistal Flowfast pourable concrete

Pourable Flowfast concrete from Rizistal

Where can I use Flowfast Pourable Concrete?

Driveways, paths, well used concrete floors, especially garages and workshops are all ideal for Flowfast because it's hard mineral aggregates and epoxy resins make it exceptionally resistant to abrasion and wear.

This means of course that it will not “fluff up” creating dust which can get everywhere, especially in a workshop.

If however, you already have a workshop which creates dust from the concrete floor, the Rizistal Concrete Dustproofer and Sealer is the product you need.

Preparing the surface for Flowfast Pourable Concrete

All loose material should be broken away from the edges and bottom of the hole. Use a hammer and chisel to remove stubborn bits and get the hole as uniform as possible.

Maximum strength is obtained if the repair is of a uniform thickness but that is not to say that the repair will be weak if the thicknesses vary.

You obviously need to work with what you have and are not expected to break the rest of the slab up for a relatively minor repair.

Do ensure all surfaces are clean, as dry as possible and free from contaminants such as oil, diesel, petrol or grease.

A wire brush & combined scraper is a good way to make sure the repair is as clean as possible. If you cannot get the hole completely dry don't worry; Flowfast can be used on damp concrete.

Wire brush and scraper

Clean repair with wire brush and scraper

If the hole to be repaired is particularly shallow, the edges should be cut down to a minimum of 10mm to maintain the strength of the concrete. 15mm is the optimum depth but 10mm will be OK.

Coverage of Flowfast Pourable Concrete

At 12mm thick, Flowfast will cover half (0.5) a square metre per 10kg tub.

Flowfast pourable concrete repair to a crack in concrete

Repairing cracks in concrete with Flowfast Pourable Concrete

Working Time of Flowfast Pourable Concrete

Once the hardener has been mixed with the rest of the ingredients, Flowfast must be used within 10 minutes. This does not sound like a long time but given that all the preparation has already been done and the concrete, when mixed, is simply poured into the hole where it will self-level, there should not be a problem.

The temperature should be within the range of 15 - 20 degrees. While Flowfast can remain pliable for longer than 10 minutes, it will have started curing by then as it is a very rapidly hardening material and adhesion to existing surfaces of the repair will be reduced.

Mixing Flowfast Pourable Concrete

Mixing Flowfast, as with mixing all of the Rizistal resin based repair products, really is simple. The container, both the 10kg and the 20kg, contain the resin and aggregate mixed and a separate hardener.

Remove the hardener from the container, open and pour straight back. Mix (with mixing paddle in an electric drill) until a wet, flowing, purple liquid is obtained.

Given the working time above, pour quickly into your repair. Flowfast will work excellently on repairs from 10mm deep all the way up to 150mm deep.

Mixing Flowfast concrete with resin and hardener

Resin and hardener being mixed for Flowfast concrete

Onsite Test of Flowfast Pourable Concrete

The site was a well used, very cracked and broken concrete slab and path outside a pair of French doors in a domestic back garden. The mission was to repair the slab to a nice smooth finish and paint with Concrete paint.

We prepared the slab as indicated above and cleaned all the holes. Different holes were repaired with different Rizistal products and each one of them can be seen in their own separate reviews. We have used:

There are also a number of roofing and flat roofing repair products from Rizistal that we have reviewed and these can be found on our website in the product review section.

The Flowfast Concrete repairer was used in a long crack which we opened up as per instructions and cleaned out. The bottom of the crack was slightly damp but we were not concerned after reading the instructions.

Mixing Flowfast Pourable Concrete from Rizistal

Rizistal's Flowfast Pourable Concrete mixes easily

Mixing was simplicity itself. We poured the hardener into the resin and aggregate mix and started the electric paddle in the drill. 5 minutes later we had a tub full of purple Flowfast Concrete which we poured straight into the crack.

Another 5 minutes later, after smoothing off with a finishing trowel, we were done!

We used a paint brush just to feather out the edges, cleaned the tools with some Rizistal Safer Solvent and went home!! Job Done.

Pouring Flowfast Concrete into crack in path

Cracks being filled with Flowfast Pourable Concrete

How Soon can I Walk or Drive on the Flowfast Pourable Concrete Repair?

Believe it or not you can walk all over your Flowfast repair in one hour and drive over it in 4 hours!

DIY Doctors Opinion of Rizistal's Flowfast Pourable Concrete

What an excellent product this is. Mixed, pored and complete in 15 minutes and that included cleaning the tools. We now keep a 20kg tub of Flowfast in the workshop because is is the fastest, strongest concrete repair we have found in a very long time. Full marks from us. All products can be ordered from

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