Product Review of Rizistal Tarmac and Asphalt Reconditioner and Restorer

Product Review Summary: In this product review we take a look at a range of products from the UK manufacturer Rizistal, in particular their Asphalt and Tarmac Top Surface Restorer. To put the product through it’s paces, we chose a 50 square metre driveway that has been in constant daily use for 22 years and is now looking rather faded and tired. The challenge was to restore the driveway to look as good as it could do, possibly even as good as the day it was laid. Find out how well the Tarmac and Asphalt restorer did below.

Video Review

Video Review of Rezistal Tarmac and Asphalt restorer

This product review focuses on the Asphalt and Tarmac Top Surface Restorer from a company called Rizistal who make and supply top of the range, Industrial repair, paint and protect products in the UK. The review will show that this product is absolutely excellent for restoring a normal Tarmac driveway or path to very close to the day it was laid. It is easy to apply, covers well and, above all, lasts.

Asphalt and Tarmac Restorer from Rezistal

Restoring tarmac and asphalt with Rezistal products

On site test of The Asphalt and Tarmac Restorer

We chose a parking bay/mini driveway measuring 10m wide and 5m deep, total 50 square m. It is about 22 years old, very tired and faded every bit as much as the road. The owners have 2 cars, both of which use the driveway daily. The challenge was on!

Tarmac and asphalt can be restored when faded

Parking bays and driveway tarmac get faded and can be restored

As the video shows, we swept the drive thoroughly but of course there is always a wind blowing when you paint anything so keep the broom handy when you apply this product. Sweep up a couple of metres in front of yourself to keep the restorer free of dust and debris.

Cleaning up the Driveway

Having swept up we prepared to cut in round the edges of the driveway where it met the edging stones on either side, at the back and on the front edge to the public footpath. It was while we were doing this that we noticed that the guys who laid the tarmac did not always go right up to the edges and there were a lot of gaps where weeds were poking through.

We pulled out the weeds and realised we would have to use another Rizistal product, the Epoxy Repair Mortar, to tidy up the edges and round the drain gulley where the tarmac rollers could not get to. We decided to do this after applying the first coat of the Tarmac Restorer.

Drain gulley edges are usually not short or tarmac

Tarmac rollers cannot get into tight areas such as drain gullies

Shelf Life of Rizistal Tarmac Restorer

In an opened or unopened can the restorer will last indefinitely. Curing only begins when it is applied to the surface. Please remember however that if some restorer is tipped out for use, then any surplus is returned to the can, there is a fair chance that the brush or roller used will have picked up some of the substrate which may then be tipped into the can with the surplus restorer. This can start the curing process within the can.

Coverage of Rizistal Tarmac Restorer

Tarmac can be a very porous top surface. Depending on how well it is compacted and the suitability of the sub-base, it can soon “swallow up” a lot of liquid as you can see by how quickly the rain water disappears from the surface. However, this is really top quality, thick bitumen resin restorer and offers a coverage of up to 2 square metres per litre. We had two 25 litre cans. We had not used the product before and did not know.

Coverage of Rizistal Tarmac Restorer is good

Rizistal Tarmac Restorer covers up to 2 sq m per litre

whether we were going to get the maximum coverage from it on our driveway, we did! We covered the 50 square metres with about 23 litres. It is not very often a paint manufacturer gives the true coverage on the tin as they want you to buy more, but Rizistal showed themselves to be a very honourable company!

How Rizistal Tarmac Restorer Works

The Rizistal Tarmac and Asphalt restorer can be used on all tarmac surfaces, even those with small cracks and fissures which the thick resin paint soon fills. It dries very quickly and can be walked on after only 5 hours. Rizistal strongly recommend allowing it to cure fully for 12 hours before driving on it and it must be painted onto a dry surface. It will also benefit hugely if you can choose a day when it stays dry for the full 12-hoiur curing period also as this aids the adhesion for a much long-lasting surface.

Restoring tarmac makes your drive look new

Tarmac restorer makes a driveway look brand new

To download the full technical data sheet for Rizistal Tarmac Restorer, click on the link after watching the video.

Chemical and Temperature Resistance

The restorer will resist dilute acids such as patio cleaner splashes and alkali cleaners which might splash out from the drains or those used for cleaning cars in the driveway. When complete, The restorer will withstand temperatures ranging from -10 to +40°. That is a huge range covering the worst British winter and the best British summer.


Best results are obtained by applying the restorer between -5 and 40°. It is best applied by brush or roller and can be done in one or two coats.

The restorer needs to be stirred and mixed thoroughly so we stirred with an old broom handle which did the trick perfectly.

Stirring a can of tarmac restorer

Tarmac restorer needs to be stirred

We applied two coats because of the porous surface and we made sure the restorer was applied quite thick but evenly so as not to form puddles on the surface. This ensures that it dries evenly.

We cut in round the edges just as you would in a room you were painting. When the edges were complete we tipped about 5 litres into a large paint scuttle which also came from Rezistal, as did the excellent roller and roller frame and extendable handle.

Cutting in tarmac restorer along edging stones before rolling

Edging stones can be cut in before rolling drive with tarmac restorer

Rolling was easy, the restorer goes on like a top quality paint. We used the roller up and down as well as left to right to make absolutely sure of an even, all-over coverage.

The first coat was done in no time and immediately the surface looked brand new. Neighbours and passers by were really impressed and we had to hand out the website address three times in an hour!

After waiting 12-hours, we applied the second coat which took the whole driveway to a new level. It looked amazing and, three weeks later, it still does despite the use it gets.

Getting even coverage with the Rezistal paint roller

Getting an even coverage of Tarmac restorer using the Rizistal paint roller

DIY Doctors opinion of the Tarmac and Asphalt Restorer from Rizistal

It's brilliant ! Absolutely no question about it this product is as good as it gets in tarmac restorers. Small cracks were filled with easy, the roller and handle were brilliant and all in all we cannot speak highly enough of it. The drive still looks brand new and the owner is absolutely chuffed to bits with DIY Doctor and Rezistal!

Tarmac drive fully restored

A finished, restored tarmac drive

Once finished we cleaned all of the tools and the roller with the Rizistal Safer Solvent which did the trick perfectly without stinging on the hands or knocking anyone out with a strong solvent smell. The roller, frame and paint scuttle are of such good quality that any amount of knocking and cleaning did not phase them at all.

Cleaning tools with Rizistal Safer Solvent

Rizistal Safer Solvent cleans tarmac restorer from tools

The Doctor's Opinion

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