Product Review of the Mantel Mount large Screen TV wall Bracket from Tranquil Mount

Product Review Summary: The Mantel Mount Large Screen TV wall bracket was sent to us by Tranquil Mount to test on a large screen TV from a 40 inch screen to a 65 inch screen. It is a TV wall bracket that tilts, swivels, turns and most importantly drops the TV down to a watchable height. The intention of the designer was that the Mantle Mount would (a) make TV viewing more comfortable as most TV wall brackets were sited high on the wall giving people neck ache and (b) would safe a lot of space as the bracket, when pulled out, would clear mantels and sideboards etc which could then remain populated with home ornaments, books etc. This sounded great to us so we tested it out.

Video Review

Video Review of the Tranquil Mount TV wall bracket

Where is Mantel Mount Most Useful?

Tranquil Mount marketers have positioned this great TV bracket in exactly the right place as far as we can see! It is absolutely ideal for viewers of a lot of TV who do not want the set taking up too much room in the home.

It can be pulled down to exactly the right viewing level and pushed back right against the wall when not in use.

It would be absolutely ideal in schools where it could stay out of the way most of the time but when audio visual lessons were required it could be placed at the height recommended by health and safety, which, as with computer screens, is at eye level.

Tranquil Mount TV bracket folded out of the way

Tranquil Mount bracket allows the TV to be moved up out of the way when it's not being used

Tranquil Mount bracket folded down to viewing level

When you want to watch TV, the Tranquil Mount bracked can be folded down to the ideal viewing level

How Does Mantel Mount Differ From Other TV Wall Brackets?

We have suggested above that this TV wall bracket is very different because it allows the TV to be watched at a height to suit the viewer.

This is vital for “TV comfort” but the Mantel Mount is more than that. The Mantel Mount is “Gas Sprung”.

This means that rather than clumpy springs moving the bracket up and down and from side to side, two dampers are used which control any movement smoothly and securely.

There is no snatching of springs and unlike normal moving TV brackets, the amount, and ease of movement can be controlled with a simple Hex key (supplied) against a gauge which tells you where the control should be for the type of TV you have.

Gas sprung dampers in a Tranquil Mount TV wall bracket

Wall mounted TV on gas sprung dampers for ease of use

Most homes have surfaces that are covered in all sorts of family objects. Books, candles, pots, ornaments. The only surface that rarely has anything on is the one where we site the TV.

The reason we don't put anything else on it is simply because there is no room!

A 41-inch TV is usually placed on a surface which is at least 41 inches wide and at least 18-inches deep..... That's a lot of space taken up, all day every day, for something that is only used for a few hours every night.

So as well as being a great way to watch TV comfortably, it is a fantastic space saver as it folds back against the wall (so easily a child can do it) in milli-seconds.

Realistically it is how everything in an ideal home should be, there when you need it, out of the way when you don't.

How do I Fit the Mantel Mount?

To be honest when we first received Mantel Mount we were a little wary of the instructions so we suggested to Tranquil Mount that we made a video showing just how easy this TV bracket is to install. We hope you like it and you find it easy to follow.

Written instructions for this type of device are always notoriously difficult to produce because they can only be written in 2D..... Videos of course, are 3D so we can see exactly what needs to be done.

Tranquil Mount has 3 main parts to it's TV wall bracket

Wall Bracket, suspension arm and TV brackets for Tranquil Mount - Purchase the Tranquil Mount here

Essentially the Mantel Mount comes in 3 parts. The 3 parts are made up of smaller parts but once you have the overall idea of how Mantel Mount achieves it's uniqueness, it is pretty easy to grasp.

A wall bracket is fitted first. This is a very simple bracket with 4 slots, for 4 fixings. The fixings are fairly big because a TV is fairly heavy and, in fact, most TV's are actually lighter than the bracket that supports them!

When the wall bracket is fitted, the suspension arm is attached to it. The suspension arm is comprised of the gas dampers as describe above, which control the main arm, moving the TV up and down and from side to side.

A crosspiece is fitted to the end of the arm which (after two hook brackets are fitted to the back of the TV) supports the TV. The two hook brackets are the third part of the kit.

Watching the video below will show you exactly how to fit the Mantel Mount TV wall bracket.

Once fitted, the built in handle (fitted to the TV) allows the TV to be pulled down and pushed up with real ease thanks to the gas-sprung technology.

What is Included in the Mantel Mount Box?

Let's put this another way. All you will need to provide is an electric drill, a screwdriver and a 10mm socket spanner or box spanner. Everything else is included.

All fittings, screws, plugs, nuts and bolts are offered in a tidy container making it easy to find the ones you need.

How do I Know the Tranquil Mount Bracket will Work on my TV?

The Tranquil Mount Bracket has been made to be VESA compliant which of course raises the question of what VESA means!

VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association. This is a professional organisation comprised of video electronics companies such as LG, Samsung, Sony and other professionals that review all of the latest technology and devise standards to ensure uniformity. This allows customers to mix-and-match to a degree.

VESA standards allow uniformity in modern technology

Uniformity in electronic technology is ensured by VESA standards

Over the years the manufacturers have agreed a pattern of screw holes on the back of the TV to which all TV wall brackets must conform. In terms of the Tranquil Mount, it covers the following VESA sizes:

VESA Medium

  • 200mm x 200mm
  • 300mm x 300mm

VESA Large

  • 400mm x 200mm
  • 400mm x 400mm

VESA X-Large

  • 600mm x 400mm

What do I do With the TV Cables?

Of course not everyone has the same set up and as you can see from the video if your TV is to be mounted on a stud wall you can fish the cables through so they are unseen.

If the TV is on a masonry wall you can either put the cables into surface trunking or bury them in the wall by cutting a chase in the plaster.

It is very important, if you decide to bury them, that they are first threaded through a proprietary conduit such as that shown in the image.

Cable conduit for protecting cables buried in the wall

Don't bury cables in the wall without conduit protection

Once the cables have been pushed through the conduit the conduit can be “stuck” in the chase by mixing a little skim plaster and using it like an adhesive on the back of the conduit.

Press the conduit into the chase and hold for a minute or so. The skim plaster will quickly dry and the conduit will stay stuck. You can then plaster up the chase with Universal One-Coat plaster.

TV cables can be hidden in surface trunking

Surface ducting taking cables from sockets to the TV

The images show the plastered chase in their “roughed over” state to show you how it is done. One Coat plaster takes a little while to go hard so when this starts to happen, it can be smoothed over properly to match the rest of the wall.

TV cables can be plastered over as long as they are in conduit

Unfinished, plastered over conduit in wall chase for TV cables

DIY Doctor Opinion of the Mantel Mount TV Bracket From Tranquil Mount

We love it! Over the years we have been asked to put up hundreds of TV brackets. Some of them are so complicated a science degree is required as there are just so many different parts! The Mantel Mount from Tranquil Mount is really easy.

As we said at the top, first glance at the instructions was a little off-putting but when the bigger picture is employed, it truly is an easy TV wall bracket to put together and once on the wall, the gas springs make movement a dream.

All TV's weigh a different amount. If your TV does not have its weight on the information label, simply type the make and size into Google and you will then be able to adjust (really easily) the Tranquil Mount gas springs to the correct placement to allow your TV to be moved about with the least possible effort.

It is clearly very very well built and no expense has been spared on a design which puts the customers needs first. As a space-saving device it is brilliant and by bringing the TV down to eye level when needed it makes for very comfortable viewing.

The best possible thing we can say about this piece of apparatus is that the video presenter, the cameraman and the homeowner all bought one as soon as the video was finished! Good luck with yours and click below to buy one.

Testing a TV wall bracket done by DIY Doctor

DIY Doctor testing the Mantel Mount TV wall bracket - Buy your Tranquil Mount mantel ount here

If you would like ot find out a bit more about the Tranquil Mount TV Wall Bracket and indeed other types of bracket then check out out TV wall bracket project here.

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