DIY Doctor Video Product Reviews

If you have any kind of home improvement product, get it on video. Video is the best sales tool there is.

For 95% of home improvement or DIY product buyers (especially men) the instructions are the very last resort and only referred to when all else fails!

Video allows the end user to see how the product works, what it is capable of, and with the DIY Doctor product review they also get an expert opinion on the product. This builds trust and this trust leads to a purchase.

DIY Doctor is involved in an extensive video product and tool review programme for companies such as Lafarge and Irwin tools. Our videos are real, the viewers relate to our presenters and with an ever expanding You Tube channel, DIY Doctor will soon be the one stop shop for product reviews.

Product review demonstration video by the DIY Doctor Mike Edwards of a Ryobi RHT2660DA Hedge Trimmer

Simply send or bring your product to us together with a resume of the features and benefits. Tell us how you think the product is best demonstrated to meet your marketing plan and we will film it in the most appropriate surroundings. This may be on site or in our studio.

You may want to appear in the video yourself to promote your company. This is included in the price. If you would like to us to come to you, there are additional charges.

Products can be returned where appropriate but postage and packing will be charged.

Your product review video can also be included in an advertising programme on DIY Doctor. This way you get great coverage within our pages at a budget that you set at the start. With close to half a million viewers every month you can be sure your product and company will be seen by the people who are already searching for the solution it offers.

For more information, bookings and questions, please mail