Fitting a Shed Lock - How to Secure a Shed with a Bolt and Padlock

Summary: How fit a shed lock and to keep your shed safe by fitting a bolt and padlock. See how you can attach the brenton lock to a wooden door to make a very secure out building.

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Lock for a Shed doorThe type of lock DIY Doctor would recommend fitting to a garden shed or any type of outhouse is called a Brenton Lock.

A Brenton lock is a barrel bolt with additional staples to allow a padlock to be fitted and secure the bolt.

This type of shed lock is easily fitted and is made additionally secure by the fact that 50% of the fixings pass through the door and are bolted on the reverse.

The nuts are screwed onto the bolts over large washers to stop the bolts being pulled through the door.

Fixings of a shed lockThe bolts themselves have no edges or slots in them. Their heads look like rivets which means no purchase can be made on the lock head and it cannot be easily turned.

The bolt heads are shown as (A) in the image to the right and the ordinary screws (which make up the remainder of the fixings) can be seen as B. As you can see it is impossible to get any leverage on the heads of these bolts to be able to undo them or pull them through the shed door.

Firstly place the bolt and keep where you would like them to go. Make sure they line up and the barrel bolt slides easily into the keep. Mark these positions with a pencil. Also mark the positions of the screws (Not the bolts). Drill tiny pilot holes where you have marked out for the screws and fix the bolt and the keep into position.

Bolt used for shed lockThe holes in the Brenton Bolt which will take the fixing bolts can now be drilled. The hole in the metal is always square and larger than the thread of the bolt. This is because the underside of the bolt head is also square (See A in the image left) and this piece of the bolt fits snugly in the hole to stop the head of the bolt turning when you are tightening the nut on the other side.

Measure the diameter of the bolt thread (usually 6mm) and drill this size hole through the square hole in the body of the Brenton bolt. Pass the threaded bolts through the holes, fit the washers over the thread and tighten the nuts using an adjustable spanner or a socket set.

The video below shows a Brenton bolt being fitted and all the tools shown in this video are in the tool store to the right of this page.

Washers used for shed lockAs you can see from the image in the left, the bolts pass through the door and, before the nuts are put on, a large washer is placed over the bolt. This makes it impossible for the bolt to be pulled through the door. The final job is to fix a padlock onto the bolt.

Shed and garden security offers a very good return for your money as Insurance premiums can be lower and Out-house equipment is the most vulnerable when it comes to thieves.

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Enjoy the video and stay safe.


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