Biodegradable Paint Brushes and Products

Summary: Information on biodegradable painting and decorating products and hoe they can help to save the environment

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The idea of using eco-friendly technology is something the Building Industry (compared to many other industries) was slow to adopt. Having adopted it however, many companies are now leading the way in the new "Green" technologies.

Quite a number of the large, painting and decorating supply companies have embraced these new technologies which prove that environmentally friendly materials do not need to cost the earth to help save it!

The problem:Over 35 million paintbrushes are discarded every single year. That is over 95,000 every day in the United Kingdom alone! Most of these brushes do not lend themselves to a non toxic, rapid disappearance and lead to over 45 tonnes of eco damaging material taking up to 450 years to degrade. Hopefully this will make you think twice next time you buy a brush!

The solution:As the Industry looks for more sustainable products to use many companies have introduced a range of paint brushes of which the handles and other parts of the item of which are made from 65% cornstarch and other environmentally friendly materials. As corn is a natural and sustainable substance, the brushes will bio degrade in a considerable shorter period that the Polypropylene handles of many other products. Some of the bristles are made from a mixture of man made filaments and natural fibres facilitating a brush which is not only eco friendly but gives a soft feel to any paintwork.

Many companies have even ensured that their packaging is also biodegradable and environmentally sustainable. The wrapping is made from recycled or biodegradable material while the chemical process usually employed in printing methods has been removed completely. The inks are vegetable or soy based.

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