Instant boiling water tap installation

Summary: How to install an instant boiling water tap.

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Having boiling water for a cup of tea or coffee instantly is a dream ! It is very true that a watched kettle never boils but with one of these little marvels, who cares? Fitting or installing an instant boiling water tap is not difficult. The manufacturers instructions are usually very clear on which hose goes where so we will not touch that subject as there are a number of makes and applying our instructions to another make of tap could result in accidents. The overall installation is the same throughout however.

Instant boiling water tap

Instant boiling water tap

The one shown in the image has the added luxury, as many of them do, of supplying filtered water through the cold tap. The levers pull forward gently and its boiling and filtered water on tap.

It has to be said these 3 way taps are not cheap but with the instant water heater under the sink being thermostatically controlled it is no more expensive to run one of these than it is to boil a kettle. They are a lot more attractive and a lot more convenient.

To get the tap into the sink you have to drill a hole in the sink itself. This can be a bit of a daunting job but the manufacturers instructions will tell you the diameter of the hole you need to drill and hole saws can be bought or hired fairly cheaply. It is only when you try and save money by drilling a tiny hole and filing the rest of it out, that you risk messing the job up. Every single job in the building industry, from shoveling dirt to installing a boiler, is done best with the right tools.

Hole saw kit with arbor

Hole saw kit with arbor

In this particular tap we had to drill a 38mm hole in the resin sink. Hole saws need a centre piece, called an arbor, to do two jobs. One of the jobs is to provide a small drill bit in the centre of the hole saw so it cannot wander off line and the other job is to provide a shaft to put in the drill chuck. Once the arbor is attached to the drill and you are sure you have marked out the correct position for the tap, you can drill the hole. If you want to find out more about hole saw kits or you would like to buy one. Click on the image right.

Boiler, filter and underneath the sink

Boiler, filter and underneath the sink

The left hand image shows how the water heater and the filter sit neatly under the sink and the great thing about this kind of boiler is that it can plug directly into a 13 amp socket. The boiler is a neat, compact unit and fits easily into any under sink space.

The tap is tightened in the same way as most monoblock taps so if you go to our project you will be able to see how to do this. You should select a spot under the sink to mount the tank vertically and when screwing in the fixings make sure it is level across the top. The screws provided are usually wood screws for use in ordinary kitchen units and you will find installation easier if you drill a couple of 3mm pilot holes first.

The tap is then connected to the tap using the manufacturers instructions and the lead is plugged in. The whole job should take no more than an hour from start to finish. Here is a small trouble shooting guide should anything go wrong.

Water and steam spit without turning on?

Depress the tap lever to release some water from the tank. Adjust water temperature using dial on the hot tank front.

Water is not hot ?

Make sure the unit is properly connected to the electricity supply and the circuit breaker and/or fuses are all ok. Check the socket is switched on.

The light on the front of the unit is not on?

See above

Water is too hot or not hot enough?

Adjust the thermostat slowly, then depress or twist the tap handle for 20 seconds to bring in fresh water to be heated at the new setting. Allow 5 - 7 minutes for the new settings to take effect and the water to boil.

Water is dripping from the spout or vent intermittently ?

Unplug the unit. If the dripping doesn't stop after a few minutes, check the supply valve to ensure that it is fully open and there are no obstructions in the water line. Unscrew spout end and clean out any debris.

Water is dripping from the spout end constantly?

Debris in the water line may be in the tap valve seat causing a slow water leak. Unscrew spout end and clean out any debris. Depress or twist lever 7 - 10 times to flush out tap and lines

The water stream seems divided?

Probably debris in the end piece. Unscrew spout and clean out any debris.

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