Building Regulations Approved Document F - Ventilation

Summary: Building regulations, approved document F. This document outline the regulations on the levels of ventilation that are required. This is important because the occupants need to get fresh air to breath, and also so that the buildings timber parts do not rot due to excess condensation building up.

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Building Regulations: Approved Document F - Ventilation

  • F1 Means of ventilation
  • F2 Condensation in roofs

Dwellings must be constructed in such a way as to allow the occupants to benefit from sufficiant ventilation to outside air. The roof voids need to be protected from timbers rotting through excessive condensation.

Building Regulations Booklets

Building Regulations Booklets

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Click on the book in the image below for an easy summary of the building regulations. This book is a must for those involved with any type of structural alteration. Even removing a wall in your home can require building regulation approval and with all home information available in Home Information Packs selling your home can be difficult if you do not have legal approval, where necessary, for work done on your house.

Building Regulations explained

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Please be sure to check on the Government Planning Portal website for updates to any Building Regulations before commencing work.

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