Summary: Cleaning grout from tiles. Removing cement from floor tiles

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A very popular question to Diydoctor is:-

I have left the grout on my tiles for too long and now its hard. How can I remove it?

Grout, either wall or floor tile, dries very quickly and can be very frustrating. Don't despair!

Use warm water and wipe it over the surface of the wall tiles with a sponge. Then using some fine wire wool from the link below, rub gently over the grout which will begin to dissolve and rub off at the same time. Wipe over with a damp cloth and leave to dry. Then polish with a dry cloth.

The same method will apply to floor, or quarry tiles but warm water will probably not be enough to dissolve the cement based adhesives used for these tiles. A patio, or brick cleaner will do the trick (click on link below) but you will need to wear rubber gloves and eye protection as these cleaners are acid based. Also try a tiny drop in an out of the way corner, lest the cleaner be too strong and etch the tiles. Follow rinsing instructions etc carefully.

Often when you have left grout too long the actual joints will look scarred and untidy. They can be raked out a little and repointed by using the grout rake below. Make sure to wear knee pads and safety goggles (also below). Its not the most enjoyable job in the world but the kit below will make it a little easier!

Why not go to our video secton on grouting and watch a short film on sanded grout to learn more on how to use this particular grout.

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