Composite Doors

Summary: Composite doors are Fibreglass doors made to look like wooden doors. Find out more about composite doors below.

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Composite (Meaning made up of various parts especially of a synthetic building material) doors can be made from Aluminium, uPVC or Fibreglass. The most common, and attractive, of these types of door are those made of fibreglass. Fibreglass is a very strong material also known as GRP or Glass reinforced plastic where plastic is reinforced by very strong strands, or fibres, of glass. The result is an extremely strong door with several advantages over a wooden door.

  • A Composite door will show wood grain and the beautiful effects of wood without any of the defects like knots and shakes
  • Composite doors will retain heat to a level 6 times higher than wood
  • Composite doors will not dry out and crack, twist or bow in adverse conditions
  • Doors will not shrink and will therefore maintain a draught proof seal against the frame.
  • Colours will not fade or peel as they do on wood.
Garden Door

Garden Door

Doors come in many colours for external use. Green, Red, Blue, Black, Light Oak and White. The interior of the doors is coloured white. The doors are designed to work with, and fit in, a 70mm dedicated frame and are 44mm thick. The 100mm steel hinges provide additional security and a high gloss UV resistant paint gives them a superb finish.

Green Composite Door

Green Composite Door

Some companies will even let you design your own door so that you can be sure that it will fit in with your own individual styling and taste requirements.

White composite door

White composite door

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