Concrete Crack Repair - How to Patch Up Cracks in Damaged Concrete

Summary: Advice on cracks in concrete. Mending cracks in paths or drives and cracks in paving slabs and patios. Find out how to patch up damaged concrete and repair concrete to make it last.

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Mending cracks in concrete paths, patios, drives, walls and floors has long been a problem for both the builder and the DIY enthusiast. New concrete in a crack is completely useless unless the crack can be widened into something which will allow a decent amount of concrete to be placed in it. Its no good trying to fill a 5mm crack with concrete comprised of 10mm aggregate!

Geo-fix all weather repair

Geo-fix all weather repair

Now however we have found the answer ! A jointing compound suitable for drives, paths and patios which will fill cracks from 5mm wide to 40mm wide and harden to a permanent finish which can even be power washed.

This compound can be bought by clicking on the image and for an even stronger hard wearing crack filler for drives and paths etc, most builders merchants now stock an epoxy resin compound which sets harder than the concrete itself! Epoxy resin pigments can be added if you have something a little more exotic than standard concrete colours.

Why not go to our video section on repairing foundations and watch a film on repairing steps to learn how to repair concrete steps.

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