Fabric Wall Coverings - How to Create a Fabric Wall Covering Yourself

Summary: Find out how you can use a fabric wall covering to cover a surface and how you can make one. Learn how to create a fabric wall covering yourself.

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This is a very nice little feature that can be added to any area quite easily and the best thing about it is that no sewing skills are needed!!

This can be an ideal feature if your walls are slightly imperfect in that you have bumps, lumps and dips as it will allow you to hide these with ease, but not only this, it will also provide you with a dramatic and interesting feature.

The first step you will need to take is select a suitable piece of fabric that is a suitable size. Remember the fabric will need to be slightly smaller than the dimensions of your wall to allow for the string to be added to each corner to allow you to attach it to the wall and also pull it taut.

1 - Measure the dimensions of the fabric (length and width) and then mark the positions on the wall that you are going to place your screw eyelets that you are going to use to attach your fabric to. Again as mentioned, allow enough space to allow you to pull your fabric taut. With the points marked with a pencil or pen,drill holes and insert wall plugs (making sure that the hole you drill is the correct size for the wall plug) and then screw in your eyelets.

2 - Find or purchase some suitable string, this can even be coloured if you like and then wrap it tightly around the corners of your fabric and tie it off. If you like you can also add a little to the middle of the 2 longest edges as this will give you even more scope to pull the fabric tight. If you do this then remember you will have to add 2 more eyelets.

3 - Now, take your lengths of string and feed them through the eyelets, pulling them tight (as you are doing this, make sure that you have an equal length of string on each corner as this will ensure that your fabric is centralized. You may need another person to help you with this). Now loop the string back on itself and secure it. A nice feature now is to wrap the string with cotton as this will create a nice neat finish.

And now your done!! This idea can be repeated numerous times within your home where you require.

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