Fitting Granite Worktops - How to Choose and Cut Granite Worktops to Fit in your Kitchen

Summary: How to choose and fit a new granite worktop into a Kitchen or Bathroom. Learn some simple tricks cut your granite work tops cheaply and efficiently so that you can have that kitchen to die for. Get an understand of the costs and where you can afford to cut some corners with your granite worktop.

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Granite worktops have the reputation of being very expensive, and sometimes of course they are...That's part of their attraction in a world where you get what you pay for...BUT...Most of the expense is cutting the granite to templates for individual requirements. Kitchens these days are pretty standard in most homes and template free kitchens are now a great deal cheaper than people imagine.

Because of its hardness and comparative cheapness in relation to marble, granite is often used to make kitchen countertops. A granite countertop can be cut in any shape, and it is virtually unscratchable. Very hot pots must not be placed onto it though, because the temperature differential could possibly cause it to crack!

Granite Worktop

Template Free Granite worktops

This is a unique system that is the perfect option for people who want solid 30mm worktops fitted without the delay between survey and fit and at a much keener price. The revolutionary new Template Free Blanks system offers unprecedented value and quality.

CNC Machine

CNC Machine

Traditionally the process of fabricating a Granite worktop is quite involved entailing templates, specialised cutting and installation. These processes are by definition expensive but sometimes necessary with unusual or elaborate kitchens. The development of a Template method allows a cost effective alternative for customers with a simpler kitchen.

The Granite worktop templates in question are made in three sizes with upstands and back-splashes to match. From these most kitchen layout requirements are catered for. In this system a template is not always required as often unpolished cut outs and all cutting to size and extra edge polishing can be done on site on the day of fitting (providing there is a suitable private exterior work area e.g. driveway or patio). Due to these finely honed working methods, high quality granite worktops can be offered at a fraction of the normal cost.

Typical Kitchen Worktop Layout

Typical kitchen worktop layout

Typical kitchen worktop layout

Two and a half worktop blanks in Blanco Pearla @ £240 each = £600 Fitting = £470 Two unpolished cut outs for the sink and hob @ £60 each = £120 Total Cost = £1190 inc VAT

Granite worktops make the ultimate statement in kitchen design and lifestyle. The simple addition of granite, in the form of a kitchen island, breakfast bar, or a piece of freestanding furniture can be the finishing touch to your kitchen design. It provides both beauty and elegance that will be appreciated for a lifetime. Worktops are the hardest worked areas in kitchens and granite is the most durable, easily maintained choice.

Granite Worktop with inset sink

Granite Worktop with inset sink

Granite worktops are waterproof, stain-resistant and almost impossible to scratch, and will maintain their diamond-polished looks for years. Hot pans, spills and every-day activities in kitchens pose no problem and cleaning is as simple as a damp cloth, making hygiene very easy. It should be noted, as stated at the top, Granite is not totally impervious to heat and care must still be taken.

A large selection of colours give a variety of looks, from deep charcoal greys with silvery flecks to soft veined terracotta. There is a wealth of colour and texture that will blend and compliment almost any decor. The material is versatile, cut-outs can be made for hobs, sinks, drainers and basins to harmonise with your kitchen design. Belfast and French Porcelain sinks marry perfectly with these tops to give a traditional look, completed with bridge mixer taps.

The applications don't stop in kitchens. Bathroom vanity tops, table tops, freestanding furniture, showers, radiator top covers and floor tile inlays are all possible using the same material.

Contemporary granite worktop

Granite worktops will bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom design. Granite is unsurpassed for hygiene, durability and it is easy to look after, which makes it a practical choice for bathrooms. Granite can help to redefine the space in a way that tiling or other finishes fail to do as it is surprisingly versatile and can be cut and shaped to suit most bathroom designs.

Why not check out our video section on fitting worktops to watch a two part film on how to replace a kitchen worktop.

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