How to Fit a Door Knocker

Summary: Fitting a door knocker to your front door is a relatively simple project. See our step by step project and video on how to get your door knocker fitted.

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Fitting a door knocker is one of the easier DIY jobs, follow the instructions below.

Choose the position for your door knocker. There are no rules for this and as the old saying goes, if it looks right, It is right. Usually the door knocker is fitted to the centre of the door across its width although the height may vary.

Use a tape measure to measure the width of the door and put a pencil mark in the centre of the door at the height you want the knocker to go.

Black Lions Head Door Knocker

Black Lions Head Door Knocker

Look at the back of the door knocker and measure the distance between the fixings. These fixings are usually threaded bolts which go through the door so be accurate with this measurement. This brings into play Diy Doctor's favourite saying...... Measure Twice, Cut Once!

Silver Door Knocker

Silver Door Knocker

Using the centrepoint you have marked on the door, transfer the measurements of the fixing points onto the door.

Select a drill bit the same size, or preferably slightly larger than the knocker fixing bolt. Drill through the door on the points marked. Make absolutely sure to keep the drill level and when you see the drill just about to come through the other side of the door, go round and finish the drilling from the other side. This takes away any possibility of the wood splitting as the drill forces through.

Attach bolts to door knocker and push through door. Mark depth of the door on the bolt ready to cut bolts to length. Allow enough bolt overhang to be able to attach the nut. Trim off the excess bolt. It is much easier to leave the bolts in the door while you are sawing but be carefull of the saw rubbing against the door and leaving marks.

Fit the nuts to the bolts and tighten. Before you fully tighten go to the front and make sure the knocker is hanging straight.

When the nuts are fully tightened you may find they have sunk intio the door surface a little. The surplus bolt can be trimmed again with a hacksaw.

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