Understand How Tradesmen Find Work and You Can Find Tradesmen with Lead Generation Websites

Summary: The benefits and pit falls of finding tradesmen with lead generation explained. There are pros and cons to both tradesmen and home owners and it is a good idea to understand how tradesmen find work by using lead generations websites and buy the contact details of supposedly interested homeowners.

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What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation relies on one of the oldest business principles in the book. Find someone who wants something; then find someone who can provide it. Introduce them, and charge for the introduction. As well as being a very solid business model for any number of commercial applications, this idea (especially when applied to the building trade) has fantastic benefits for everyone concerned.

How does it work?

A home or property owner decides to do some work on their property but it is beyond their DIY abilities. Rather than trawl Yellow Pages and local press for uncertain builders, they go to a Lead Generation Company and register as wanting free quotes from builders and tradesmen for the particular job they have in mind. They detail the job on a simple form and submit it to the Lead Generation Company. The Lead Generation company then looks at its data base of appropriate tradesmen and contacts them to see if they would like to quote for the job. This is the way most lead generation agencies, including Trustmark, Service Magic, Rated People, Vetted Tradesmen and many others, work. Using Checkatrade as your lead generation agency is even easier, they simply publish the details of all of their accredited tradesmen.

With all agencies other than Checkatrade, three of those tradesmen who would like to quote then pay the Lead Generation Company for the details of the job and contact details of the property owner. They arrange to visit and quote. The property owner then has the choice of accepting one of these quotes or getting more quotes from other places. The lead generation company has effectively sold your personal details to the tradesmen although not all of them it has to be said, only enough information for the tradesman to be able to contact you. Checkatrade however, do not charge the for each lead, they charge a yearly administration fee to the trades for the use of the service.

What are the Benefits of Using a Lead Generation Company?

For the property owner:- The constant barrage of television programs about rogue traders and cowboy builders has made us all, understandably, very scared of choosing someone to work on the biggest investment we will ever make; our homes!

Getting a builder or other tradesman can be a daunting and stressful experience. Narrowing the field of tradesmen down to those who are prepared to demonstrate proof that they are responsible, reliable and have the backing and support of others they have worked for, is absolutely invaluable.

For more information on finding reliable and insured tradesmen visit our Home Improver Protection Solution page.

For the Tradesmen:-

Spending a couple of thousand pounds a year (average) on advertising can be very wasteful. At least 50% of the people who see your advertising are not in the slightest bit interested and of the remaining 50% only one or two are truly serious about having work done, and can afford it.

Many of your potential customers are time wasters. They simply test the water to see how much the job would cost if they decided to do it. The best customers have decided they need the job doing, then they find out how much it will cost. All of the time you waste quoting for jobs which are never going to happen, or paying for advertising which does not work, means each job you do get has cost you a great deal of money.

Whichever way you look at it, marketing and advertising, however you do it, is the usual way of buying jobs. That is exactly what we do, we buy customers. Every job we get has cost us money to get it.

Using our Lead Generation Service you can stand out from the crowd of cowboys. Your insurance will mean a huge amount to your customers and your references will ensure you get only jobs which your talents and qualifications are designed for. You will only be offered jobs in the categories you choose, in the areas you choose and, because each job has been double checked as being a valid lead, you will not have any of your valuable time wasted.

With most agencies, as described above, each job you quote for will cost you a lead fee but this lead fee is a fraction of the cost of advertising. With Checkatrade, your yearly administration fee covers all of your leads plus your entry in directories all over the areas you are interested in. Your reputation will have preceded you onto the job and the client has only posted a job which they are intent on doing. Not just using you for cost comparison!

Lead Generation works for both the property owner and the tradesmen.

DIY Doctor have entered the lead generation field to fight against cowboy builders. In our view every tradesman out there should have insurance, be financially stable and have a good track record. We are committed to it.


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