Removing Black Mould from a Bathroom Ceiling

Summary: How to remove and eradicate black mould on bathroom and other ceilings. How to stop mould growth on bathroom ceilings or if required how to remove mould that has grown.

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Bathroom ceilings covered in mould have long been a source of concern for our users. Most bathrooms have some form of ventilation. Most bathrooms get cold when the ventilation is open. The result is that a great many people close the ventilation to stay warm and mould develops on the ceiling. How to eradicate mould totally is the question and fortunately we have an answer.

3 simple steps to eradicate mould in your bathroom:

  1. Paint your walls with a mould killer or steriliser to kill off any mould present on the walls
  2. Paint on a barrier solution (available from most DIY stores) to prevent regrowth of any mould
  3. Once the barrier solution has dried you can now paint on your top coat. Mix fungicide additive with any emulsion you choose to stop the mould coming back

It does not get any easier. Takes no time at all and keeps the bathroom fresh and clean. For less than £30.00 you have removed a problem which will eventually damage your home.

Understanding what mould is will help in understanding how to get rid of it. Mould is a type of fungus. Threads, like very dense cobwebs, grow together on a given surface and some of them are fertile enough to produce spores. Spores are carried by moving things including air and especially warm air, which is always found in a bathroom. The warm air travels upwards depositing spores on the ceiling. The spores become mould and the mould, in moist, warm conditions can germinate and grow. The conditions mould likes best are when temperatures are above 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity is above 70% and have a guess where those conditions are found ?!

Mould eradication kit

Mould eradication kit – this particular one is supplied by a company called Property Repair Systems

Opening a bathroom window, or trickle vent in double glazing, will allow some of the moist, warm air to escape and so reduce the mould, but most bathrooms suffer from mould at some point or another and a solution is now available.

There are quite a number of products now available on the market that will allow you to eradicate the mould completly. With good fungicidal properties a room of up to 40 square metres can be protected by by most available mould erradication kits. A large bathroom measures 4m x 5m which is only 20 square metres!

Sterilizing the ceiling first then providing a fungicidal barrier, most mould eradication kits work quickly and easily. Full instructions and usage directions are provided with all products that tell you exactly how the product should be applied.

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