Oak: Internal Doors

Summary: Using Oak and other timber for internal doors

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Oak. The very word brings up images of reliability, Englishness, solidity and strength. Probably our most well known tree and now, as always, a symbol of endurance with hundreds of uses throughout history. Oak has been used for building for at least 3,500 years and a Bronze Age boat was dicovered in Dover which has been dated to about 1550 BC. Such is the history of this building material and now most timber merchants and DIY Sheds bring you exterior doors which also symbolise the reliability and solidness of the Oak.

External doors obviously need to be solid and durable but they also need to be attractive and Companies now have combined the practical aspects of the timber with its natural beauty to produce some stunning doors.

Oak doors for internal and external use

Oak doors for internal and external use

Most merchants will supply quality interior and exterior doors to both the tradeand retail sectors. The doors are imported from various factories in the Far East andare built with modern construction methods, from kiln dried lumber stocks. This ensures both stability and strength whilst reducing the impact on the environment. Their doors are either Dowel Jointed or Mortice and Tenon Jointed and are available with or without raised mouldings, single, double, triple glazed or unglazed and in a variety of styles, sizes and timbers such as White Oak, Sapele, Clear Pine and Hardwoodto suit all needs. Also available are elegant entrance, room dividers, fire doors and both internal and external ranges.Their large modern workshop also manufactures bespoke doors or frames to suit your requirements. As well as doors they also stock and extensive range of door fittings including handles, hinges, locks and letter plates.

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