Painting wooden garage doors

Summary: Painting wooden garage doors in the correct order.

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Stage of painting a wooden door

Stage of painting a wooden door

Wooden garage doors are usually made by the frame, ledge and brace method so painting the back of them can be seen in our project painting framed, ledge and brace doors . The front of the doors however must be painted with care to avoid both paint runs and hardened paint ridges which can happen when the new paint is applied over the edge of a section of paint which has been left slightly too long to be worked into the grain of the timber. Preparation of the doors is done in exactly the same way with a light sanding with 150 - 180 grit paper. The doors, as they are external, pick up a fair bit of grime and grease and it may be as well to give them a thorough wash down with sugar soap. After preparation, paint the garage doors in the order shown in the image.

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