Fixing Curtain Poles and Rails

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Summary: Fitting Curtain poles and Using construction adhesives at home.

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Sometimes it is not practical to fix to walls and ceilings using the traditional methods of nails and screws and most people think that a glue would not be strong enough. Using Gripfil however soon changes that idea. A super strength construction adhesive allows you to fix just about anything to anything else.

One of our biggest questions on Diydoctor is how can I fix my curtain rail, pole or track to the wall because I keep hitting metal or concrete I cannot get through. Years ago every house had a pelmet rail fixed over the window to make this job easier, now we are not so thorough and its left to the owners to make all their own decisions.

For walls and soffits that it seems impossible to screw into, the answer is to actually glue a piece of timber to the wall or frame (in the case of PVC window), decorate it to match the room decor, and then fix your curtain pole, rail or blind to the timber.

For fitting and fixing curtain rails, poles and tracks to walls, a planed piece of timber 3 inches (75mm) x 1 inch (25mm) thick is fine and for PVC windows a piece of timber 1 inch x ½ inch is usually ok when fixed at the top of the window. For PVC windows you must use the solvent free (yellow) gripfil.

When fitting or fixing to the wall, slightly damp the timber with a cloth, then squeeze out 2 lines of adhesive on the back of the timber. Press the timber firmly against the wall and wiggle about to push the lines of adhesive flat against the wall. Then pull the timber off for 30 seconds and put it back, pushing hard. Use a couple of oval, or lost head nails to tack the timber to the wall to stop it slipping down until the adhesive is set rock hard in 24 hours. Then simply fix your pole, track or rail to the timber.

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