Using Push Fit Connetors for Waste Pipe Fittings

Summary: Push fit fittings can be used to connect plastic waste pipes from 32 to 40mm diameter. Understand which push fit pipe fittings are used in these waste pipe connections. Ensure that you get the correct push fit connectors and understand how to use them.

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Push fit plastic waste pipe fittings are probably the most commonly used waste fittings by the DIY enthusiast. We can understand why as there is nothing at all complicated about them and it is a simple matter of pushing the pieces together to fit them as, of course, the name would imply! However, we recommend you read our project on solvent weld waste fittings before you embark on your next bathroom project as, however good push fit fittings are, we honestly believe they do limit the plumbing a little.

Please remember that push fit fittings and solvent weld fittings are not interchangeable as the pipe sizes are different. See our project on compression waste fittings to join the two together.

Take some time to read all of our projects on waste fittings of various kinds including compression fittings and changing a soil and vent pipe. If you have an overview of all the different ways to do a job your choice will be that much more informed. The image below shows some of the most often used push fit fittings and the descriptions follow. To use push fit fittings it is important that, after cutting the pipes to length with a hacksaw, you de-burr the end of the pipe using some sand paper or a file. A burred pipe end can damage the O ring seal on the push fit fitting which will eventually cause it to leak. A lubricant, such as the one shown in the image, should also be used and this can be bought from the tool store by clicking on the link within the description. The rest of the fittings can be bought by going to the tool store box to the right of the page.

Push fit fittings

Push fit fittings

The fittings, from left to right are:

  • 92.5 degree push fit easy bend. Avoid blockages by taking waste gradually round corners.
  • Equal Tee for joining 3 push fit pipes of equal sizes
  • Push fit reducer for taking pipes sizes down from 40mm to 32mm and vice-versa
  • Push fit straight coupling. Join two pies together in a straight line.
  • Push fit conversion bend. Allows you to change from push fit via a compression joint to other types of pipe such as solvent weld.
  • Lubricant for joining push fit fittings of all kinds. The rubbers in these fittings can be quite tricky to push together and pull apart, do not chance a leak.

Take a look at our video section on gluing PVC pipes and watch some films on how to solvent weld plastic pipes together. There is also a short video on how to use pushfit fittings.

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